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Readers Respond: Where's Your Favorite Wi-Fi Hotspot?

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From the article: Wi-Fi Hotspots
Wireless hotspots are a great way to go online when you're away from home. Getting your Wi-Fi ready laptop or phone connected to a hotspot takes just a few seconds and is often free.

While Wi-Fi hotspots are almost everywhere, many who use them tend to have a favorite location they visit most frequently. People may prefer certain hotspots over others for reasons such as

    fast Internet connections
  • conveniently located near other places of interest
  • comfortable seating
  • friendly and/or quiet atmosphere
Tell us below where your favorite Wi-Fi hotspot is located, and why you like it.

Caribou again

Caribou in downtown Chicago or at my local Caribou in Mt. Prospect.

Right outside

I frequent my public library's signal....from my car :)
—Guest Lirpa

Home and Away

My favorite hot spot is my wireless home network, and if I am not at home, my Verizon air card provides my hot spot. There are both reliability issues and very real security issues with public hot spots. I prefer to use my personal secured network.

Aledo, IL

Aledo, Illinois (USA) has an excellent downtown public WiFi. Several other businesses in town do also.
—Guest Keithc

Another vote for Caribou Coffee Shop

Free subscription access, just a little slow. But caffeine and ambience aplenty. My 'office' for meeting web site customers.
—Guest jim@bookercom.net

Any better security for free hotspots?

Even if a Wi-Fi hotspot such as the New York Libraries is stated not to be secure, are there methods to minimize the risk?
—Guest PaulW

Tampa (Florida, USA) Airport

Tampa's airport is clean, comfy seating, intelligent layout (no running half a mile to catch your flight) and FREE no-hassle wifi, which like jcook said, is just common sense. Paying for 15 minutes of wifi is retarded.
—Guest Don

Long Beach (California, USA) Airport

Free, fast connection while you're waiting. Jet Blue terminals are great, too. I get really annoyed when I have an hour layover and am expected to spend 15 minutes of it signing up for an expensive service, especially if it's t-com, which I hate. It wouldn't be so bad if there was one service for all airports so you could get a day pass and use it two or three times, but that never happens.
—Guest jkcook

Caribou Coffee

Caribou is my favorite spot to sit back and enjoy a hot caramel high-rise with others who are either on their computer or reading a newspaper, book, etc. It is a quiet personal time away from home.

Hugh's house!

#1 = my home. #2 is the Buena Vista, Colorado Public Library. Many comfy corners, and if they close, I can finish up outside.

Starbucks (Webster, NY)

Starbucks located in Webster, NY. It has a strong signal and plenty of room to work in.

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