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Which IP Addresses Does Your Network Router Use?

IP Addresses - Illustration

Did you know that the typical home network router keeps two IP addresses? One is used by local devices connecting across the LAN, and the other is used by the home's Internet (WAN) connection.

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Why Gramofon Is a Unique Network Router

Tuesday April 15, 2014
Gramofon is a Wi-Fi network router. Those familiar with the Fon network know that Fon routers are specially designed to allow sharing one's Internet connection in the style of a wireless hotspot. Gramofon is the latest such device developed by Fon.

What makes this one different from other Fon routers or the hundreds of other Wi-Fi routers out there is its integrated support for music streaming. Gramofon connects to home stereo equipment via a line-in cable, streams music from Internet audio services and allows remote control from smartphone apps. It's a cool and uniquely packaged way to share favorite songs with friends and family, a usage that some have dubbed "social music." Initially targeting the Spotify service, Fon apparently has plans to add more social music options in the future.

Fon Introduces Its Social Music Router - Gramofon (gigaom.com)

Wi-Fi Steals Time and Attention at World Famous Trial

Wednesday April 9, 2014
The U.S. legal system is wrestling with some complicated technical and legal issues in the current Apple vs. Samsung patent trial, but wireless networking wasn't planned to be one of them. The federal courthouse in San Jose, California where the trial is being held is suffering from a case of wireless interference. Wi-Fi is being blamed, but the issue stems from too many people communicating on their smartphones while court is in session. Short of banning texting in the courtroom, the best solution appears to be building better wireless networks. The court should also seriously consider using a wired network for their internal communications.
More - Wi-Fi Interferes Court In Session (wwlp.com)

What Is a Schengen Cloud?

Saturday April 5, 2014
Those who travel in Europe know that the term "Schengen" refers to special agreements between countries that help people move more easily across borders. In response to allegations that United States agencies spied via the Internet on the computer networks of some European government offices, some in Europe are advocating the creation special private networks that outsiders can't reach. This concept, dubbed the Schengen cloud, seems to be generating nearly as much controversy as the original claims of spying, due to its serious business and political ramifications.
More - US Blasts Europe's Plan for Anti-Snooping Network as Unfair Advantage
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Who Is Vic Hayes?

Sunday March 30, 2014
Many people don't realize that Vic Hayes has been called "the father of Wi-Fi." Many online sources list a handful of other people as inventors of Wi-Fi, but Mr. Hayes had just as much impact (if not more) on the technology's development than any other individual.

Mr. Hayes is a university researcher who worked at international firm NCR where the basic technology that was to become Wi-Fi was developed. He led the committee (IEEE 802.11 Standards Working Group for Wireless Local Area Networks) that eventually standardized various Wi-Fi protocols.

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