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Introduction to the OSI Model

OSI Model - Layers

Students of computer networking typically learn about the OSI Model in a first introductory course. It helps explain how networks work to the technically inclined.

Wireless / Networking Spotlight10

Introduction to Body Area Networks

Thanks to wearables, you can hook yourself up to a computer network. Body area networking has some interesting and useful applications for those interested.

An Introduction to BYOD for IT Networks

Bring Your Own Device - BYOD - has been adopted by many businesses as a way to help employees get their work done. BYOD has pros and cons, however.

How to Map a Network Drive in Microsoft Windows 7

One of the fastest ways to share files between Windows PCs is to map a network drive between them. Follow these instructions to map a network drive from a Microsoft Windows 7 PC.

Top 10 Tips for Hiring Computer Network Professionals

Having trouble finding and hiring computer network professionals with good skills? Here's some advice.

Coping with Wi-Fi Addiction - A How-To Guide

A person can become addicted to using Wi-Fi and wireless Internet the same as to physical substances or other bad behaviors. Use this guide to learn more about Wi-Fi addition and its possible treatments.

Testing the Video Quality of Your Internet Connection

Numerous speed test services are available on the Internet to measure how many bytes of data your connection can handle. But often what you really want to know

Facebook Wi-Fi Router Now Available From D-Link

Small business owners looking to attract customers with → More -Wireless AC1750 Facebook Wi-Fi Router (dlink.com) → See alao - Getting Free Wi-Fi

IPv4 May Never Go Away

It should be obvious by now that much of the world doesn't want to let go of IPv4. That despite years of advocacy from proponents of IPv6 explaining how it

Would Your Life End Without Wi-Fi?

Some columnists think that without Wi-Fi, life would end, at least for the typical modern teenager, who allegedly spends more than 40 hours per week staring at

Do U.S. Internet Providers Purposely Slow Down Their Networks?

A recent article in PC World suggests U.S. Internet providers allow permanent congestion on their networks. The implication is that some service providers use

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