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Readers Respond: How Much Does Your Internet Cost?

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Some types of Internet cost more than others. For many people, the cost of basic Internet service like cable or DSL has been decreasing over the last several years. Newer options like mobile broadband or fiber, however, tend to have higher price tags. Some are willing to pay more for faster speed and convenience, others not so much. Whichever type of Internet access you use, how much do you pay for it? Has your cost gone up or down lately? Per Month or Year

Belize City, Belize

Telemedia Limited, US$195/month for 4 mbps, or US$350/month for 8 mbps. Internet here in Belize is CRAZY expensive.
—Guest Carlos

Fibre Atlantic Canada

70 USD + taxes for Fibre Internet in East Canada. 50 Mbit/s download and 30 Mbit/s upload. Real speed is as advertised.
—Guest FDA

Another day in Nigeria

$6.18 for 100 MB daily in Nigeria with a bandwidth of about 100kbps - 500kbps range depending on the state of mind of the network providers.


I pay $25 for 512kbps :/ and connection is not 100% most of the time -_-
—Guest mu

Port Arthur, Texas, USA

$83.98 for pretty fast. 34.13 Mbps Down and 5.73 Mbps up. I've got a desktop, an iPad, an Android phone and 2 Rokus running off of it at the same time. I use about 350-500 GBs a month they say... .
—Guest Claudiapatx


10€ /4mbit down 0.5mbit up, No data cap, including flat rate for national calls. I got this special offer and keep it when moving, although it's 60€ for setting up the new address.
—Guest Thomas

Ames, IA

Mediacom Cable- $85/mo for 15Mbps down and 1 up. 250gb data cap.
—Guest Anon

Puerto Rico Internet service

I live in Puerto Rico, and I paid 80 dollars for 2gb [total per month] connection plus unlimited phone service.
—Guest From PR

Lesser of two evils, in Australia

Ezi-Web is an Aussie resort and caravan point that charges different rates for different places, and they are through the roof. ~$12 for 50 meg one day expiry. I think they even jiggle their count upwards. They makes my Optus cable ISP of 20 gig a month for about $69 look positively angelic, and there's nothing angelic about Optus..
—Guest Intercostaldrama

Florida, USA

I pay $46 for 12 mb thru Comcast in Indian River Cty in FL. Way too much, only other choice is Uverse. Comcast probably has highest costs in the country.
—Guest Held captive by Comcast!

Bucharest (Romania)

10$/month for 6 MB download and 2 MB upload speed. Unlimited bandwidth.
—Guest Cristian

Has been a good price every year

I pay about $10/month for Digi broadband in Malaysia. The average download speed is 1.2MBps. The great thing is the price always decrease (promotion) and the speed increase every year.
—Guest dean77

Insight in Kentucky, USA

I have Insight Broadband cable in Kentucky, USA. I pay $45/mo. for 10mbps.
—Guest Rusty

Just a monthly bill

I pay $14.99 monthly. I don't know anything else about it.
—Guest Natalietr3209

Costs too much in New York, USA

$49.99/mo for about 9.something MB from TWC Road Runner Turbo, in Rochester, NY (USA).
—Guest Bill

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How Much Does Your Internet Cost?

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