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Readers Respond: How Much Does Your Internet Cost?

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Some types of Internet cost more than others. For many people, the cost of basic Internet service like cable or DSL has been decreasing over the last several years. Newer options like mobile broadband or fiber, however, tend to have higher price tags. Some are willing to pay more for faster speed and convenience, others not so much. Whichever type of Internet access you use, how much do you pay for it? Has your cost gone up or down lately? Per Month or Year

Port Arthur, Texas, USA

$83.98 for pretty fast. 34.13 Mbps Down and 5.73 Mbps up. I've got a desktop, an iPad, an Android phone and 2 Rokus running off of it at the same time. I use about 350-500 GBs a month they say... .
—Guest Claudiapatx


10€ /4mbit down 0.5mbit up, No data cap, including flat rate for national calls. I got this special offer and keep it when moving, although it's 60€ for setting up the new address.
—Guest Thomas

Ames, IA

Mediacom Cable- $85/mo for 15Mbps down and 1 up. 250gb data cap.
—Guest Anon


80$ a month... but if I go over the limit, it goes up to 300$ +.
—Guest guest canada

In Romania

I pay 10$/mo for a speed of 75-150 Mbps. No DSLs, no other modems, no coaxial cable, just UTP/STP/FTP. For 17$/mo the speed is from 800 to 1000 Mbps.
—Guest Victor Dima


I don't know. I started using Internet on my new smartphone and it ate up all my broadband data of 10 GB and crossed to 22 GB. These PTCL thugs don't have a mechanism to tell the usage of data. When I started using Internet over phone it costed more in regards to data.
—Guest lolypop

Nepal, slowest and expensive.

NCELL prepaid. $7.5/m for 1GB. Download speed up to 1.5mb/s upload speed.
—Guest Manu

ACS Alaska bloooows

Worst Internet competition? Kenai, Alaska is bad. My neighbors get 1 mbps (120KB/s download) - they pay 80$. I have god knows what. They say its 1 mbps but its more like 56k. I download no faster than a steady 40 kb/s. I pay 60$/mo. When i called ACSALASKA (worst telecommunications company ever) to try to upgrade to 1mbps, they told me too many people have broadband and one of my neighbors would have to die for me to pick up his spot. Alaska: If you like fish and hate Internet, come on up.
—Guest aksucks


I pay $60 a month for 18 Mbps. It's pretty fast. I can play online games, and I have three other computers plugged into my Wifi.
—Guest manny

Triple play packages are unfair

I pay 60.00 dollars per month to AT&T. I'm 80 years old. I don't need TV hook up. i thnk its unfair. I don't need phone.
—Guest rnald purse

From places unknown

Before 6 months, I took latest 4G connection from AirTel which gives download speed about 15 to 20 Mbps and upload speed is about 10 Mbps. Pretty fast and good for a monthly rent of $14-15 a month for 5 GB use. It is with wireless router for Wi-Fi in home. I am happy with this latest technology of 4G connection.
—Guest Avinash

Delhi, India

I live in Delhi, India and am availing broadband from MNTL - a govt company. I pay INR 1000.00 (US$ 17.00) pm for unlimited usage for both download and upload. My system shows a speed of 74 to 150 Mbps, depending on the overall traffic on the Net.
—Guest S K SOOD

Italy ADSL

I pay 39€ per month (54$) for a 7Mbps down and 512Kbps up (they say), but usually is a lot less, less than 3 down (sometimes even less than 1) and less than 0.2Mbps up!
—Guest Alessandro


I pay 15$ per month and get the download speed of 40kbps. Very slow!
—Guest NEPAL


You guys chill... . I pay $50 dollars for 1 Mbps Internet... I don't even know why you guys complain... . -__-
—Guest yugo

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How Much Does Your Internet Cost?

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