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Readers Respond: How Much Does Your Internet Cost?

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Some types of Internet cost more than others. For many people, the cost of basic Internet service like cable or DSL has been decreasing over the last several years. Newer options like mobile broadband or fiber, however, tend to have higher price tags. Some are willing to pay more for faster speed and convenience, others not so much. Whichever type of Internet access you use, how much do you pay for it? Has your cost gone up or down lately? Per Month or Year

Algeria, the worst Internet in the world

I pay $28 a month, for an extremely laggy and unstable 1 Mbps down/ 256 Kbps up, and its not even that good most of the time (except from 2 AM to 7 AM). I get about 200 kbps, with constant disconnections. It's sad that we have to wait 30 minutes, to watch a 360p Youtube video, for a pretty damn high price.
—Guest Zaki

Kentucky (USA) - speedy, but...

... a little on the pricey side. I have Time Warner Cable in Kentucky and pay about 70 dollars a month for 50 down / 5 up. It does work very well, but seeing how little people pay to achieve speeds even faster than mine is a bit disheartening.
—Guest Prazision

Montreal, Canada

10 Mbps download & 1 Mbps upload including dry loop and all taxes for $51.86 per month. Unlimited downloads without extra charges.
—Guest 21mar2014

Boca Raton, FL USA

ATT Uverse @ $51/month for 12 Mbps. That's way too expensive in my book!
—Guest Denise

Montréal, Québec

200$ Canadian per month for 4 services - includes home and mobile telephone, television (HD) and Internet (20mpbs down, 10 up). I had to pay an extra 10$ (part of the 200$) to add unlimited download.
—Guest Renegade

Romania RCS-RDS

Right now , I have 90,82Mbs Download and 96.05 upload , I have one mobile stick with unlimited internet 4 mbs /1 mbs (after 4Gb speed is 256kbs), I wave 2 mobile phone and one fix phone line and I have 112 Tv chanel including HBO, HBO Comedy, Cinemax . All for 89 RON = 19,8Euro (27,5 $). Only internet conection 100Mb/100Mb cost 39Ron ( 8,68 euro= $12) http://www.rcs-rds.ro/internet-digi-net/fiberlink?t=internet-fix&pachet=digi_net_fiberlink_100
—Guest Mihai


I pay 25€ per month for 20/20 mbps optic fibre Internet
—Guest Noordung

Tikona INDIA

We pay approx 27USD for 4mbps 80GB. 2mbps beyond 80GB per month. full 4mbps at nights/mornings and mostly 2-3mbps in working hours.
—Guest Massa


I have to pay around 10$ for unbelievably slow 256 kbps and maximum 25 GB OF USAGE per month.
—Guest anik

Clear Internet is expensive

I pay $97 for the home use of wireless Internet from Clear. Planning to drop it now. It started with $45 with an additional portable unit that can be taken with you when traveling.
—Guest BJ

Oman, city of Muscat

My Internet in Muscat, Oman costs about 70$ for 5mb down and 2mb up. It's good for Arabs needs.
—Guest farooq

Airtel New Delhi

Around $50 for 8 Mbps up to 175 GB usage, then it slows to 512 Kbps for the remainder of the month. Includes 1000 local phone calls.
—Guest shobhit

Canadian satellite Internet

5 Meg down, 1 Meg up, 30 Gig per month download with extra Gig available for more money. Consistent speed, very reliable and with excellent support. Not as fast or priced like ADSL or cable, but great for those who live in remote areas!
—Guest Frostback

South Africa

From provider MWEB - 5 Mbps download 0.8 Mbps upload - ZAR1125.00 = $101 US monthly!
—Guest South Africa

Brisbane Australia

$25 a month unlimited 20Mbps download av 5Mbps, and 3Mbps upload, with no contract.
—Guest Robbo

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How Much Does Your Internet Cost?

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