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Readers Respond: How Much Do You Pay for Internet Access?

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Some types of Internet cost more than others. For many people, the cost of basic Internet service like cable or DSL has been decreasing over the last several years. Newer options like mobile broadband or fiber, however, tend to have higher price tags. Some are willing to pay more for faster speed and convenience, others not so much. Whichever type of Internet access you use, how much do you pay for it?

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I'm really surprised, apparently poor Bulgaria is quite ahead in the i-race. Currently i pay 12euro for around 30Mbit/s of internet+cable TV. Starting Feb.2015 i'll be paying 15euro for 100Mbit/s+Cable+Phone.
—Guest Peter

West Midlands, UK

I feel so sorry for people. I look at the speeds & I'm aghast. I pay about £29 for line rental & unlimited broadband from Virgin Media. Using speed test, I usually get 32-47 Mbps every time I test. Usually 10-15mbps upload speed. This is Wifi, apparently with fibre optic cables it can reach 70mbps or so. Other providers do average about 10-25mbps depending on where you live in England.
—Guest Wesley

35M Net connection cost in BH - Brazil

I pay about US $75.00 a month for a GVT 35M net connection. Service quality is reasonable. Sometimes it will slow down or go down for hours, though.
—Guest Laerte Silva

Addicted to online in Virginia, USA

Comcast charges $60 - $90 a month in central Virginia just for Internet access. They claim lower rates, but the sales people refuse to sign you up for it. They've dropped my calls, lied and added charges, and bundles features I didn't want to get their commissions. It's brutal.
—Guest Ian

Most expensive 3G data bundle?

I use a modem and pay $203 per month for just 20 Gig Internet and the speed is 300 Kbps maximum, but they lie that it's 3 Mbps. This is 3G Internet. Now this is the most expensive Internet on this page plus it's not even 4G!
—Guest Powertel Zimbabwe

Poor Moroccans

We pay 199DH (23$) for 12 Mbps download, but we only get 1.5 Mbps or 2.2 at best! Upload 1 Mbps in the best place in the country in the capital. Personally i'm lucky if i can pass 1.1 Mbps (downloads). Temara,Morocco
—Guest Achraf Ber

PLDT in the Philippines

We usually pay about $23 (USD) per month with the advertised speed of 3mbps. I usually get around 3.5mbps and sometimes reaches 4 mbps which is already good! Together with the telephone line and the rented telephone/tablet unit with a 0.5mbps boost, we usually pay something around $40.
—Guest Shakingnine

TWC sucks low income

In Charlotte, North Carolina (USA). You have to buy bundle or get government assistance to qualify for cheaper. I pay $57 for "starter Internet".
—Guest donna

Worst Internet Provider (Philippines)

My Internet costs $23 a month for an advertised speed of 2mbps. BUT really, I only get 0.30mbps DL (sometimes even lower; if I'm lucky, I'd get .60mbps) and 0.05-0.20mbps UL. This service provider is Smart Communications/ PLDT Home Bro in the Philippines. I'm switching to Globe within 1 week. I'd pay $57 for 7mbps, and I'd get 5mbps DL, 1mbps UL for that. Already tested it with a relative's internet connection.
—Guest Charisse

Retard Canada Internet

I pay 50$ a month and get 2.5kbs a second all day, if it is not down, and at night it can maybe get to 30kbs if lucky. And I see people complain about 2 Mbps - I wish I had 0.5 Mbps.
—Guest Fattay

Belize City, Belize

Telemedia Limited, US$195/month for 4 mbps, or US$350/month for 8 mbps. Internet here in Belize is CRAZY expensive.
—Guest Carlos

Fibre Atlantic Canada

70 USD + taxes for Fibre Internet in East Canada. 50 Mbit/s download and 30 Mbit/s upload. Real speed is as advertised.
—Guest FDA

Another day in Nigeria

$6.18 for 100 MB daily in Nigeria with a bandwidth of about 100kbps - 500kbps range depending on the state of mind of the network providers.


I pay $25 for 512kbps :/ and connection is not 100% most of the time -_-
—Guest mu

Port Arthur, Texas, USA

$83.98 for pretty fast. 34.13 Mbps Down and 5.73 Mbps up. I've got a desktop, an iPad, an Android phone and 2 Rokus running off of it at the same time. I use about 350-500 GBs a month they say... .
—Guest Claudiapatx

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