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IP address


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Definition: An IP address is a binary number that uniquely identifies computers and other devices on a TCP/IP network.

An IP address can be private - for use on a local area network (LAN) - or public - for use on the Internet or other wide area network (WAN). IP addresses can be determined statically - assigned to a computer by a system administrator - or dynamically - assigned by another device on the network on demand.

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Two IP addressing standards are in use today. The IPv4 standard is most familiar to people and supported everywhere on the Internet, but the newer IPv6 standard is gradually replacing it. IPv4 addresses consist of four bytes (32 bits), while IPv6 addresses are 16 bytes (128 bits) long.

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A network administrator sets up the addressing scheme for an IP network. When troubleshooting network problems, users sometimes also need to be familiar with how IP addresses work.

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Also Known As: IP number

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