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Definition: is a default IP address for a few models of home broadband routers.

Using to Connect to a Router

If a router is using on the local network, you can log into its console by pointing a Web browser to is a private IPv4 network address, meaning that you cannot connect to a router from outside the home network using this address. It is for use by administrators within the local area network (LAN) only.

Administrators can easily change a home router's addresses from some other default to if they prefer to use this number. Some people do that as they find it easier to remember than some other numbers, but otherwise it provides no particular benefit over other address choices.

Using On Local Clients

An administrator can also choose to assign to a different device on the LAN other than the router. In this scenario - called static IP address assignment, the router's network mask subnet mask) may also need to be changed (typically to in order for the local subnet to include this address. - Related Topics

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