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Wireless Network Security

The open air nature of radio signals makes securing a wireless computer network even more challenging than a wired one. Various wireless network security technologies have been developed to combat attacks, but some are more effective than others. Discover the key issues in wireless network security and how best to manage them.
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Introduction to Wi-Fi Network Security
While it may seem like an extra burden to set up security options on a Wi-Fi network, the benefits usually outweigh the cost. Learn more about the available Wi-Fi network security technologies and judge for yourself.

Tips for Improving Home Wi-Fi Network Security
These techniques are intended to enhance the security of Wi-Fi home networks including the computers and data associated with them. Some techniques offer much more protection than others.

Mastering the Use of Wi-Fi Network Security Keys
WPA and WEP keys serve as special passwords to keep your wireless data protected from network spies. These tips will teach you how to manage Wi-Fi security keys effectively.

Poll - Are You Liable For Illegal Activity on Your WiFi Network?
Say that a hacker or a neighbor is tapping into your wireless home network to engage in some illegal activity on the Internet. Are you responsible / liable for this?

Using Unsecured WiFi Hotspots
Windows calls them “unsecured wireless connections.” Is it safe to use your credit card on these networks? Are there any precautions to take to make your connection more secure?

"How Secure is Your Wireless LAN?"
Author Lee Barken reveals practical tips for increasing the security of a wireless home or business network.

Wireless Security Hacks and Horror Stories
Have you been the victim of a hacker who compromised your wireless network security? You can share your experience here and see what others have encountered as well.

What Is a Wireless Key?
A wireless key is an encryption setting commonly used on wireless computer networks to increase their security. The two standard forms of wireless keys used on home networks are WEP and WPA.

Are Wireless Networks Truly Secure?
No computer network is truly secure, but how does wireless network security stack up to that of traditional wired networks?

What Is Wardriving?
Legal and ethical issues aside, the practice of wardriving has helped to raise awareness of the importance of WLAN security.

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