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Free Online Wi-Fi Hotspot Locators

Worldwide listings of wireless hotspots


Hotels, airports, restaurants and many other businesses offer free or paid wireless Internet access via hotspots. Each of the services below listed below offer searchable listings of these public hotspots. When planning your next holiday or business trip, use these services to locate hotspots on a map and get the Wi-Fi information needed to access them.

1. JiWire

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The JiWire search engine supports dozens of countries and indexes both free and paid hotspots. Search by street address, airport code, postal code or name (SSID) of the access point. Alternatively, browse listings by business type (e.g., airport, hotel and cafe).

Several other popular Wi-Fi hotspot online listings are powered by the JiWire database including CNet Hotspot Zone


2. Wi-Fi-FreeSpot

This directory is geared toward free hotspots. (Some of these otherwise free locations may require a store purchase, however.) Worldwide listings are organized both geographically and by business type.

3. The Hotspot Haven

Hotspot Haven offers a large directory with clickable maps. Search by address and by service provider. A user rating service allows customers to score and rank the quality of these hotspots.

4. WiFinder

WiFinder is privately held company that indexes hotspots worldwide. WiFinder can be searched by location and by protocol type (e.g., 802.11b or 802.11g). WiFinder lists fewer total hotspots than some competitive services, but it may contain some entries that other services do not.

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