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Wireless Print Servers
Linksys WPS54G Wireless Print Server

Linksys WPS54G Wireless Print Server

A wireless print server allows one or two printers to be conveniently shared across a Wi-Fi network. Adding wireless print servers to a network:
  • Allows printers to be conveniently located anywhere within wireless network range, not tied to the location of computers
  • Does not require a computer be always turned on in order to print
  • Does not require a computer to manage all print jobs, that can bog down its performance
  • Allows administrators to change computer names and other settings without having to re-configure the network printing settings.

A wireless print server must be connected to printers by a network cable, normally USB 1.1 or USB 2.0. The print server itself can connect to a wireless router over Wi-Fi, or it can be joined using an Ethernet cable.

Most print server products include setup software on a CD-ROM that must be installed on one computer to complete the initial configuration of the device. As with network adapters, wireless print servers must be configured with the correct network name (SSID) and encryption settings. Additionally, a wireless print server requires client software be installed on each computer needing to use a printer.

Print servers are very compact devices that include a built-in wireless antenna and LED lights to indicate status. The Linksys WPS54G (compare prices) 802.11g USB wireless print server is shown as one example.

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