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Wi-Fi Home Networking

Learn how to set up and maintain wireless home networks (or local area business networks) using standard "Wi-Fi" networking technology and products like wireless access points, routers, and adapters.
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  2. Wireless Network Security
  3. Wireless Networking FAQs
  4. 802.11 Wireless Standards
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How to Build a Wi-Fi Home Network Tutorial
This in-depth article teaches you how to build a wireless home network (WLAN). Learn the terminology and technology basics, design a layout that meets your needs, choose the appropriate gear, then finally install and configure the pieces.

Gallery of Home Networking Diagrams
This collection of home network diagrams covers both wireless, Ethernet and hybrid layouts. Network layouts including routers, access points, printers and entertainment consoles are described.

Tips for Improving a Wireless Home Network
Once you have a basic Wi-Fi home network up and running, consider these ideas for improving its capability and performance.

How to Connect To a Wireless Router for Local Admin
You may sometimes need to connect to a wireless broadband router locally to update its configuration. Accessing a wireless router's configuration screens requires you to know the router's IP address and administrative login information. You should also be aware of a few common wireless router connection problems and how to solve them.

Upgrade Your Home Network to Wireless N
Wireless N network equipment utilizes 802.11n Wi-Fi technology designed to increase network speed and reliability. Upgrading your network to Wireless N can be done without a large effort, although the benefits might not be as great as you think.

Do You Share Home Wi-Fi with a Neighbor?
Because wireless transmissions from broadband routers extend through walls and outside buildings, it's relatively easily to pick up Wi-Fi signals from the home networks of neighbors. If set up without security features like encryption turned on, anyone nearby can easily join these networks and access its Internet connection plus any other shared resources. This is sometimes called piggybacking. D…

Tips for Dealing With Dropped WiFi Network Connections
On home or public wireless networks, your WiFi connection might drop unexpectedly for no obvious reason. Consult this checklist to determine why this might be happening and how to avoid it.

Top 802.11g Wireless Routers for Home
The 802.11g standard supports much faster peer networking than the older 802.11b standard. These routers are designed to share a broadband Internet connection and usually contain a built-in firewall, DHCP server, and network switch.

Tips for Troubleshooting Windows File and Printer Sharing
This checklist describes the most common problems encountered when setting up peer-to-peer file sharing on a Microsoft Windows network. Follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve Windows file sharing problems.

WiFi Network Names are Case Sensitive
When setting a WiFi wireless network name (SSID), ensure all devices match all letters with the same upper and lower case.

Poll - Do You Log Into Your Neighbor's Wi-Fi Network?
Logging into your neighbor's wireless network is a risky proposition, but some people don't care. See how many of our readers claim to do this.

Poll - Should It Be Legal to Grab a Neighbor's Wi-Fi Signal?
A few people have been criminally charged for logging into their neighbor's WiFi network to get free wireless Internet access. Do you think it should be legal (with or without getting the owner's permission)?

Top Home Wi-Fi Networking Books
These books explain how to properly build and manage a wireless home computer network based on the popular Wi-Fi technologies. Most titles assume very little prior experience in computer networking and are suitable for beginning- to intermediate-level readers.

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