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TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

TCP/IP is arguably the single most important computer networking technology. The Internet and most home networks support TCP/IP as the "language" computers use to find and connect with each other.
  1. TCP/UDP Port Numbers
  2. Working with IP Addresses (49)
  3. Working With MAC Addresses (7)
  4. FTP File Transfer (8)
  5. TCP/IP Benchmark Tools (5)
  6. IP and IPv6 Protocols
  7. DNS - Domain Name System

TCP/UDP Port 0
Port 0 is officially a reserved port in TCP/IP networking, meaning that it should not be used for any TCP or UDP network communications.

What is TCP/IP?
TCP/IP is an extremely popular network protocol that enables communication between most of today's computers. Did you know that TCP/IP is over 30 years old?

IP Tutorial and Course Outline
This tutorial explains IP, TCP, and UDP networking in a progressive series of articles.

Internet Protocol (IP) Practice Exam
This interactive question-and-answer quiz tests your knowledge of IP, the foundation protocol of TCP/IP. Use this resource to help prepare for certification exams or to quickly learn important technical details about IP.

Guide to Working With IP Addresses
IP addresses are a key element of TCP/IP technology that must be set up correctly for home networks and Internet access to function. Learn about the basics of finding, changing, and hiding IP addresses.

TCP/IP Administration and Troubleshooting Tools in Windows XP
Microsoft Windows XP contains a set of standard utilities for TCP/IP network administration and troubleshooting. This page reviews the purpose and function of each utility.

TCP/IP Fundamentals - Free Newsletter Course
Take a step-by-step guided tour of Internet Protocol (IP) networking. Sign up for this free newsletter course to receive automatic daily emails. Learn to work with IP and TCP/IP technology.

Multihoming is the configuration of multiple network interfaces or IP addresses on a single computer. Multihoming can increase the reliability and sometimes the performance of network applications.

"TCP/IP Clearly Explained"
Author Pete Loshin explains both the basic concepts and more advanced technical details of TCP/IP.

MTU - Maximum Transmission Unit
In TCP/IP networking, MTU is the largest size (in bytes) of a single IP data fragment that can be sent over the physical network link.

tcpdump on Linux
Tcpdump is a command-line tool for monitoring network traffic available on Linux and other popular operating systems.

Do IPX Games Work Better Than TCP/IP Games?
IPX games sometimes run more smoothly on a home LAN than TCP/IP games do. There is a technical reason for this, and a technical fix that helps TCP/IP games perform better.

UDP - User Datagram Protocol - is a simple OSI transport layer protocol for client/server network applications based on Internet Protocol (IP). UDP is the main alternative to TCP and one of the oldest network protocols in existence, introduced in 1980. UDP is often used in videoconferencing applications or computer games specially tuned for real-time performance.

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