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Speed Test - Internet Network Connection Speed

Use a speed test to measure Internet connection bandwidth before tweaking your network setup. A speed test estimates the performance of a network connection by using sample data files and test Web servers.
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Introduction to Computer Network Speed
Two elements that determine the speed of a computer network are bandwidth and latency.

Free Internet Speed Test Services
These free services are among the most popular sites offering Internet speed tests.

How Fast Does Your Network Need To Be?
How much network bandwidth and how low of latency is required depends on the applications being used and the rated capabilities of your equipment and Internet service.

Tips for Troubleshooting Slow Home Internet Connections
This checklist describes common causes for slow Internet connections. Examples include broadband router configuration, Internet worms and background applications.

Kbps, Mbps, and Gbps
A data rate of 1000 bps is equivalent to 1 Kbps (or kbps); higher data rates are represented in Mbps and Gbps. Slow network interfaces like modems, and serial ports function at Kbps speeds while fast interfaces like Ethernet can operate at Gbps speeds.

Inside the Speed / Bandwidth Tests
Numerous online services promise to measure the current performance of your Internet connection. Do these tests really work, or are they a waste of time?

Bandwidth - What Is It?
The term "bandwidth" refers to the amount of data that can pass through a network interface over time. Bandwidth tests are often the same as speed tests.

Network Latency
Two key elements that determine computer network performance are bandwidth and latency. Learn more about network latency and the impact of high latency in this introductory article.

iNetworkTest for iPhone
The iNetworkTest is a Web service designed specifically to test the speed of Apple iPhone Internet connections.

Speakeasy Speed Test
The Speakeasy connection speed test is one of the most popular on the Internet, often praised for its accuracy and its cool interface for displaying results.

Bandwidth Place Speed Test
This service offers free personal performance testing and detailed statistics.

CNet Bandwidth Meter
Run a quick speed test that calculates your bandwidth and compares performance to typical DSL and cable modem services.

DSL Reports Speed Test
This public speed test is best suited for dial-up and broadband Internet subscribers in the USA.

Dan Elwell's Broadband Speed Test
A downloadable utility rather than a Web service, this technology originated in the UK but now works globally. This test supports only broadband Internet connections.

MSN Bandwidth Speed Test
The MSN test asks for a telephone area code but entering '000' will likely work. The MSN and CNet tests use the same technology.

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