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Proxy Servers and Proxy Lists

On the Internet, proxy servers provide a way to visit sites anonymously. Proxy servers also provide network firewall, connection sharing, and caching technology for private networks.
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Introduction to Proxy Servers
A proxy server acts an intermediate gateway between you and your Internet connection. Anonymous proxies including CGI proxy servers can improve the safety and privacy when navigating the Internet.

Free Anonymous Web Proxy Servers
These sites support Web-based, free anonymous proxy servers. An anonymous Web proxy is an alternative to configuring HTTP or SOCKS proxies in the Web browser.

Free Proxy List Downloads
Proxy servers on the Internet allow you to better hide your IP address and navigate anonymously. However, these servers often are set up and taken down quickly, and therefore you will need to maintain a proxy server list to ensure one is always available to you. free proxy list downloads

What Is a MySpace Proxy?
Some schools and other organizations block Internet access to MySpace and similar social networking sites. Proxy servers allow you to access MySpace, bypassing these network filters.

Readers Respond: What Do You Use to Hide IP Addresses?
Do you use an anonymizing proxy and/or utility program to hide your IP address? Tell us about it.

Top Internet Connection Sharing Software Solutions for Home
Combining the functionality of a proxy server and a firewall, these software products provide safer Internet connection sharing for home networking.

Can Home Computer Users Hide Their Public IP Address?
Its possible to hide the public IP address of a home computer or router when using the Internet, but only indirectly. Partially hiding this IP address hinders the ability of others to trace your Internet activity.

What Is HTTP?
The Hypertext Transfer Protocol - HTTP - is commonly used by proxy servers to manage anonymous connections. HTTP proxies can be easily configured in Web browsers like Internet Explorer.

What Is SOCKS?
SOCKS is an Internet protocol designed to allow clients to communicate with proxy servers (or VPN servers) through network firewalls.

How To Use a Tibia Proxy
Tibia is a multiplayer online computer game played through network connections to Internet servers. A Tibia proxy server is sometimes required to access these game servers due to networking limitations as described here.

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