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Peer to Peer File Sharing - P2P Networking

Peer-to-peer (P2P) networking eliminates the need for central servers, allowing all computers to communicate and share resources as equals. Music file sharing, instant messaging and other popular network applications rely on P2P technology.
  1. Ares P2P Network (6)
  2. BearShare (Bear Share) (8)
  3. BitTorrent (21)
  4. eDonkey P2P Network (3)
  5. Kazaa Lite and Kazaa (13)
  6. LimeWire (14)
  7. Shareaza (2)
  8. WinMX P2P Network (5)
  9. Spyware
  10. Windows Peer File Sharing
  11. Instant Messaging

What Is P2P?
P2P is a standard approach to network design that eliminates the need for dedicated servers. P2P is also a popular term for freely available Internet file sharing software systems.

P2P Software Progams and Networks Tutorial
Peer to peer networks comprise both peer workgroup LANs and P2P file sharing networks. Discover why P2P has rapidly grown to become arguably the most interesting class of network applications.

Free Software - P2P File Sharing Programs
This index describes each of the top peer to peer file sharing client software programs. These free P2P clients allow easy swapping of music, video and other files over the Internet.

Free P2P Music and Movie Download Tips
Various technical difficulties can interfere with P2P download activity. Follow these tips to solve networking problems and swap files over P2P networks more efficiently.

P2P Network Security
Opening up your computer network for P2P file sharing is easy and fun but can also be dangerous. Take these simple precautions when swapping files to avoid comprising your network security.

What Is Darknet?
A darknet is any kind of private network built for the purpose of file trading. Darknets have become an increasingly popular topic with the ongoing development of P2P and digital rights management (DRM) technologies.

DivX File Compression Technology
DivX is a popular, free encoding standard for digital video files. DivX technology allows movies to be compressed to a fraction of their original size, speeding up P2P network downloads. DivX is based on the industry standard MPEG-4 compression format.

SoulSeek P2P Client Downloads
The free SoulSeek client uses a unique system of optional paid donations to determine each client's priority for file sharing bandwidth.

iMesh P2P File Sharing Client
iMesh is a popular file sharing program that supports free uploads and downloads on a P2P network. iMesh clients support numerous languages around the world. Learn more about this technology and where to find a free iMesh download.

Morpheus Free and Ultra P2P Clients
Morpheus P2P client application downloads exist in both free and paid Ultra versions. Morpheus supports free file sharing via multiple P2P networks.

Red Swoosh P2P
The Red Swoosh system works by managing a distributed connection management and download environment using its own peer-to-peer file sharing network protocol.

Hamachi Peer to Peer Networking
Hamachi allows you to create secure point-to-point connections across the Internet. It provides the security VPN without the difficulty of setup, allowing you to access the files and resources on your home network, or share with friends, even when behind firewalls. Hamachi is a free download.

Grokster - P2P Client
Grokster is a file sharing client program offered by an organization of the same name. Grokster connects to the FastTrack network; both free and paid downloads are available.

What is PeerGuardian?
PeerGuardian is a software firewall for Windows file sharing clients. PeerGuardian maintains a database of IP addresses suspected to be used by corporate entities searching for illegal file sharing activity.

iMesh Download - Find Free iMesh Downloads
iMesh is a popular peer-to-peer file sharing program that supports free uploads and downloads. iMesh clients are also free downloads that support numerous languages around the world. Check these locations to find a free iMesh download.

"Peer to Peer - Collaboration and Sharing over the Internet"
This book surveys peer-to-peer (P2P) architectures and systems covering protocols and software, deployment, security and legal issues.

"Peer-to-Peer - Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies"
This book reviews the concepts and key technologies behind P2P, the history of these systems and the notable application successes achieved to date.

Boasting millions of registered users, Napster was once the most popular network software application in history.

Groove Technical Overview
Groove is a collaboration tool and development platform based on peer-to-peer (P2P) networking technology.

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