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Networking With Apple Devices

Apple devices including Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPad support standard wired and wireless networking technologies, but they also utilize custom applications and some special techniques for networking with each other and with non-Apple devices.

How to Save Time and Money Using Wi-Fi On the iPhone
iPhone supports many network-enabled apps which generally work best when connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi hotspot. Learn how to manage your iPhone to maximize its use of Wi-Fi networking.

How to Solve Problems with Wireless Networking on Apple iOS Devices
Are you having issues with the wireless support on your iPhone or iPad? Apple iOS includes several features to help resolve problems with wireless networking that can save you significant time (and money).

Top Apps for Monitoring Online Data Usage
Monitor the online data usage of your smartphones or tables using these apps. Data usage monitoring can help avoid excessive service charges and keep your service provider honest.

Top Apple iOS Apps for Wireless Networking
These apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad expand the capabilities of personal computer networks. Share files, find public hotspots, monitor a baby's room, and more.

Can a Mac Be Connected to a PC?
Apple Macintosh computers support standard networking technology allowing them to be connected to other Macs and the Internet. But does Mac networking allow connections to a Microsoft Windows PC also?

Pairing Bluetooth Devices With iPhone
While most people think of Bluetooth as the way that wireless earpieces get connect to phones, it's actually a more general purpose technology that allows all kinds of devices, from earpieces to keyboards to speakers, to be used. Here's how to pair Bluetooth devices with the iPhone.

Configure Your Mac's DNS Settings
The Network Preferences pane on a Mac allows configuring the computer's DNS settings.

How to Use iOS Personal Hotspot
How to set up and use Personal Hotspot, a feature of the iOS that lets iPhones share their cellular data connections with other nearby devices.

Apple AirPrint Frequently Asked Questions
AirPrint is wireless printing technology introduced by Apple starting with iOS 4.2.

Mac Screen Sharing
Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) added native screen sharing capability, giving the ability to remotely access and view the desktop of screen of another Mac computer across the LAN.

The Belkin Switch-to-Mac Cable
For people who have a lot of data on their Windows computers and want a convenient way to transfer it to their Mac, this package from Belkin can help.

Using Ethernet on the MacBook Air
Lacking a physical Ethernet port on the device, wired networking with the MacBook Air isn't so straightforward as with most other laptop computers, but it is still possible.

"Unable to Join Network Failure" on iPhone
When an iPhone fails to join a Wi-Fi network, an "Unable to Join Network Failure" message - typically, "(error -3)" - appears on the device. This problem can occur for any of several reasons, with different possible solutions to match.

What Is Back to My Mac?
Introduced with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Back to My Mac is a capability for creating remote access connections using Bonjour. It is used on wide area networks (WANs), whereas Mac Screen sharing used on local networks.

What Is Apple AirDrop?
New in Mac OS X Lion, AirDrop is designed to make wireless file transfer between computers on local networks even simpler.

What Is Bonjour?
Bonjour is a network discovery technology developed by Apple and built in to both Mac OS X and iOS.

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