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Broadband Modems and 56K Dial-Up Modems

Traditional dial up access to the Internet uses a small hardware device called a "modem." Cable and DSL Internet services also employ a (different) type of modem.

What Is a Modem?
Modems are networking devices that convert analog and digital data for computer-to-computer communication. Several kinds of modem devices exist for dial-up, broadband and cellular networking.

What Is a Broadband Modem?
A broadband modem os a type of digital modem, different from traditional analog modems, used with high-speed DSL or cable Internet service.

Which Broadband Modem Interface is Better - Ethernet or USB?
Many broadband modems support two kinds of network connections - Ethernet and USB. This page offers four reasons why you should consider using one type with your modem instead of the other.

Do USB to Ethernet Adapters Exist for Broadband Modems?
Some DSL and cable modems provide only a single USB port for connecting to a home network. However, older broadband routers, Ethernet switches and desktop computers lack USB ports. Is it possible to install a USB to Ethernet converter to join the modem to an Ethernet-only device?

How Fast is a Cell Phone Modem?
Most cell phones can be used as a computer modem for portable Internet access. Cell phone modem speeds vary greatly but are generally much slower than residential Internet services.

The V.92 Standard for 56K Modems
The best dial up modems support the V.92 network protocol, but V.92 is only slightly better than earlier 56K modem standards.

Serial Ports
In computer networking, a serial port accepts a RS-232 or other standard serial cable connection. Serial ports can be found on external modems, along with many PCs and some network routers.

"Null Modem" Serial Cables
The term "null modem" refers not to an actual modem but instead to a special type of cable that connects to a serial port.

The term "baud" refers to the electrical signaling rate of modems. A baud often, but not always, represents a data rate of one bit per second.

How To Troubleshoot 56K Modem Problems in Windows 98
Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q190554 covers modem troubleshooting tips specific to the Windows 98 operating system.

How Modems Work
Learn about the history of modem technology starting from the early 300 bps models up to current 56K models. Also get some background on the use of Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) for modem Internet access.

What Is the Default IP Address of a Netgear Router?
This page lists the default IP addresses for Netgear routers. Home network routers are set up to use a default IP address when first powered on. This allows you to access the administrative functions for router setup.

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