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Top 3 Internet Connection Sharing Software Packages


Combining the functionality of a proxy server and a firewall, these products provide connection sharing for a home network similar to network routers. Compared to Microsoft Windows ICS, these products offer additional features, and they may be more reliable and easier to use.

1. Ositis WinProxy

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WinProxy has been in existence for over ten years. The latest versions bundle Internet connection sharing together with anti-virus, anti-spyware, URL filtering and other security options.
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2. AllegroSurf

AllegroSurf combines Internet connection sharing with content filtering and network resource management into one package. AllegroSurf has been used on home, school and office networks for parental control, bandwidth control, and remote access support.

3. http://gatewall.com/

GateWall is a traditional NAT proxy server. It includes Web caching and traffic monitoring functionality.

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