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Internet Connection Alternatives for Home Networks
Many different types of services can be used to connect to the Internet. The type of Internet connection chosen affects how a home network must be built to support Internet connection sharing.

How to Connect a Computer To the Internet
Connecting a computer (or other network device) to the Internet can be relatively easy, or it can be surprisingly difficult. The details vary depending on the type of Internet connection gateway device(s) used.

Can't Connect to the Internet?
When you suddenly can't connect to the Internet, any of several things could be wrong. Use this checklist to find and solve common Internet connection problems.

Introduction to Internet and Network Data Plans
Common features of Internet data plans include fees, data rates, and bandwidth caps. Are you familiar with the terms of your subscriptions?

How to Check Network Connection Speed
Your computer might say its network is running at 54 Mbps, or 100 Mbps, but this has little to do with the speed of your Internet connection. Here's how to check both.

Gallery of Home Networking Diagrams
This collection of home network diagrams covers both Ethernet and wireless layouts including methods for making Internet connections.

What Is Broadband Internet Access?
The term "broadband" refers to a communications technique for transmitting multiple simultaneous data channels. Broadband is a popular form of high-speed Internet access.

What Is Satellite Internet Access?
Satellite Internet is a form of high-speed Internet service. Satellite Internet utilizes telecommunications satellites in Earth orbit to provide wireless Internet access to consumers. Satellite Internet covers many areas where DSL and cable services are unavailable.

Can A Home Network Share Two Internet Connections?
Multi-homing allows one local area network to share multiple connections to the Internet. Some people would like to configure their home network for multi-homing, to share two Internet connections for increased speed.

Before You Subscribe to a Free Internet Service
Free Internet providers offer access to the Web, email and other Internet services at no cost. However, many limitations may accompany these free Internet services.

How Web Browsers and Web Servers Communicate
Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer use basic but effective communication methods to gather data from Web servers across the Internet.

Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)
The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of electronic sensors plus intelligent data routing and management functions. IoT can help the average person become more productive by tracking and automating some of their basic day-to-day activities.

What Is Remote Access to Computer Networks?
In computer networking, remote access is the capability to log into a system without being physically present at its keyboard. Remote access is commonly used on corporate computer networks but can also be utilized on home networks.

What Is a Bandwidth Cap?
Internet Service Providers (ISPs) sometimes place limits on the amount of data customers can send and/or receive over their Internet connections. These are sometimes called bandwidth caps. Bandwidth limits may be imposed by providers on a monthly basis, real time on active connections, or at the level of individual applications.

What Is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing consists of commercial third-party hardware and software services available via the Internet. These services typically provide access to software applications and high-end server computers. Some providers offer cloud computing services for free while others require a paid subscription.

Poll - Installation of Your High-Speed Internet Service
A high-speed Internet service provider may assist with in-house equipment setup, troubleshooting of initial technical problems, and billing arrangements. The difference between a satisfactory process and a unsatisfactory one involves potentially many hours of lost time and frustration.

Internet Connection Sharing Software Packages
Internet connection sharing software allows multiple networked computers to browse the Web together, but more importantly, these packages contain advanced security functionality.

What Is a Default Gateway?
In computer networking, a default gateway is the device that passes traffic from the local subnet to devices on other subnets. On home networks, the router serves as the default gateway.

FTTH - Fiber To The Home
FTTH is the idea of bringing high-speed networking, digital television and telephone service to residences using fiber optic cables. Although we think of cable modem and DSL services as "high speed" today, they are too slow to support networking of applications envisaged for the future such as high-definition IPTV.

What Is a Network Backbone?
In computer networking, a backbone is a central conduit designed to transfer network traffic at high speeds. Backbones typically consist of network routers and switches connected by fiber optic or Ethernet cables.

Home Networking Q&A - Connection Methods
Test your knowledge of the basic hardware connection technologies used in building/installing a home network including Ethernet, USB, power line, phoneline and wireless networking.

DU Meter Free Download
DU Meter is a free download that simulates the behavior of the Windows dial-up networking icon for high-speed Internet connections.

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