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Home Network Troubleshooting

A computer network may fail to function properly for many different reasons. Understanding basic network troubleshooting methods in various situations will help you recover quickly on home networks and elsewhere.
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  2. Working With IP Addresses

What's The Biggest Problem With Computer Networks?
It's frustrating when computer networks don't work like we want them to. Of all the different technical issues and limitations around networking, which one is the biggest problem?

Troubleshooting Home Network Router Problems
If not working properly, routers can cause the entire home network to stop functioning. Follow these guidelines for troubleshooting problems with home network routers.

Connecting Two Computers - When Things Go Wrong
Have you had trouble with networking two computers? It's possible to set up a simple peer-to-peer network with two computers in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, various technical issues may arise that make the task much more difficult. On this page our readers share their experiences with connecting two computers.

Common Home Networking Problems to Avoid
The home networking problems listed here represent the most common issues folks encounter with their home networks. Avoid these common mistakes in building and maintaining home networks to get the most out of yours.

Common Error Messages on Computer Networks
If your network connection is not configured properly or suffers a technical failure, you will often see an error message displayed on your screen. These messages give helpful clues to the nature of the issue. Use this list of the common network-related error messages to help troubleshoot and fix networking problems.

Troubleshooting a Wireless Home Network
Learn about typical technical problems encountered when building a wireless home network and how to fix them.

Troubleshooting Windows File and Printer Sharing
This checklist describes the most common problems encountered when setting up peer-to-peer file sharing on a Microsoft Windows network.

TCP/IP Troubleshooting Tools in Windows XP
Microsoft Windows XP contains a set of standard utilities for TCP/IP network troubleshooting. Review the purpose and function of each of these utilities.

Troubleshooting Network Games
There's nothing more frustrating than a network game that won't work. Learn here how to troubleshoot and repair network gaming problems.

Troubleshooting Windows 95/98/98 SE Network Connection Problems
Still running Windows 95 or Windows 98? Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q192534 describes in detail the recommended troubleshooting steps for resolving communication problems with these very old operating systems.

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