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Home Networking - Setting Up a Home Network

Home networks can be set up with or without Internet access, using various combinations of computer hardware and software.
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  2. Wi-Fi Wireless Home Network
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  4. Home Network Routers
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Introduction to Home Networking
This article explains beginning concepts in home networking. Follow the embedded links to get technical details in areas of interest.

How to Buy Computer Network Equipment for Home
Choosing the right equipment for your home network may seem like a daunting task at first, but following these basic tips will help make the process much less painful.

Home Network Advisor - Build Your Home Network Interactively
Answer some basic questions about your home networking needs, and this interactive tool will guide you in selecting the right home network equipment and configuration.

Gallery of Home Networking Diagrams
This collection of home network diagrams covers both Ethernet and wireless layouts. Network layouts including routers, access points, printers and entertainment consoles are described.

Connecting Two Computers for Home Networking
The simplest kind of home network contains exactly two computers. You can use this kind of network to share files, a printer or another peripheral device, and even an Internet connection. To connect two computers for sharing network resources, consider these alternatives.

Home Networking With A Router
A network router can serve as the core of a home network, simplifying how computers and other equipment can connect to each other and share the Internet. Both traditional cabled routers and wireless routers are available.

Wired vs Wireless Home Networks
Deciding whether to build a wired or a wireless home network is not trivial. This article explains what to consider when making an informed decision.

Top Tips for Wireless Home Network Setup
Follow these guidelines to help save time and avoid pitfalls in setting up a wireless home network.

How to Set Up a Linksys Network
Several different approaches can be used to set up a Linksys network including the Cisco Connect, Network Magic, and manual procedures.

Introduction to Powerline Home Networking and HomePlug
Powerline home networks based on HomePlug afford an interesting alternative to both Wi-Fi and Ethernet, but powerline technology can also be used to expand an existing home network.

How to Check Network Connection Speed
The speed of a home network depends on the technology it uses. Networks also slow down as they get busy. And the speed of an Internet connection can be very different than the speed of the home network itself. Learn how to check network speeds in different ways here.

Home Network Backup Systems
Home network backup systems maintain copies of your personal electronic data in case of computer failures or disasters.

Top Internet Remote Access Software
These remote access software programs supports connecting to a PC on home networks. Remote access software allows you to retrieve data when not at home or assist family members with network problems.

Top Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices for Home Networks
NAS drives consolidate large amounts of data into one place on a local network. The products listed are entry-level NAS solutions suitable for home network backups and organized central storage.

Poll - How Long Did It Take to Install Your Home Network?
How long does it normally take to install a home network? This poll contains the answer based on our reader survey.

Home Networking Q&A - Hubs and Switches
Test your knowledge of hub and switch technologies for modern home networking.

Infrared Networking - Wireless Infrared Communication
Infrared technology enables computer network communication using short-range wireless signals. The infrared transmission technology used in computers is similar to that used in consumer product remote control units.

What Is A Media Server?
Wouldn’t it be convenient to store all your favorite movies, music CDs, MP3 files, and digital photos in one convenient location that you could access from anywhere? A media server provides this kind of storage.

Top Home Networking Books
The best books for home networking novices clearly explain the variety of technologies and setup options without adopting a condescending tone.

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