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DSL Self Test
Test your knowledge of this popular networking technology.

This online quiz asks ten essential questions about DSL networking. Although many of the technical details of DSL are hidden from the casual user, many other aspects of the technology directly affect the "user experience," and it is important to understand these.

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"What is the general consensus, cable or DSL? I' ve heard that cable is good for now but will slow down big time when more people sign up. Or is it the other way around?"
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Students, networking professionals, home network enthusiasts, and anyone else interested in the basic technology of computer networks should find this a valuable study guide.

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The articles listed in the sidebar at the right provide a wealth of background information on DSL. Consider reviewing these materials before taking the quiz -- or take the test first and look at the articles afterward for a greater challenge!

Finally, be sure to visit the Computer Networking Self Test Page to take additional quizzes produced on this site.

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