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When To Hire a Home Automation Installer?


Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer or do you prefer hiring professionals to do the work for you? Home automation was once firmly in the realm of DIY and required at least a little bit of techiness to install. With the introduction of professional home automation installers, home automation can now be enjoyed by anyone.

Are Home Installers Necessary?

Some higher end home automation systems require certified installers, such as the Omnipro line from HAI. Additionally, trained professionals may more easily and quickly perform more complex installations such as security systems, whole house audio, and distributed video systems.

If you’re comfortable crawling around crawl spaces and snaking wires through walls, you may want to save some money and do the installation yourself. However, if the idea of doing your own installation makes you break out in a sweat, then you may want to consider hiring a trained professional.

Finally, if you bought a system believing you could do the installation only to find out you bit off more than you can chew, or once you finished, the system doesn’t work and you have no idea why, then you may want to consider throwing in the towel and hiring a professional installer.

How Do You Find a Good Installer?

Just like many other fields, there are professional installers in the home automation industry and some installers who are not so professional. How do you find a good one? Look for installers that are manufacturer certified. Many home automation manufacturers have certification programs that installers must complete to receive the manufacturer’s stamp of approval. Many manufacturers even list approved installers on their websites.

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