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AOL Instant Messenger and AIM Express Free Downloads


AOL Instant Messenger supports instant messaging and file sharing on computers, cell phones and PDAs. Updated versions of AOL Instant Messenger client software are released on the Web frequently. Additionally, AOL offers a second application AIM Express that allows access to the instant messaging functionality through the Web browser instead of the AOL Instant Messenger client.

Try these locations to find authentic free AOL Instant Messenger and AIM Express downloads for your computer:

AOL Instant Messenger includes various other messaging add-ons like AIM Expressions (icons and clip art) and AIM Remote (Web site plug-in).
 POLL: Which Instant Messaging (IM) Application Is The Best?
 1) AOL Instant Messenger
 2) Google Talk
 3) ICQ
 4) MSN Messenger
 5) Yahoo! Instant Messenger
 6) Other / None


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