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 CCNP - Related Terms
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Definition: CCNP is a professional or "journeyman" level networking certification. Cisco created the CCNP to recognize advanced skills in computer networking, particularly for installation and support of medium-sized LAN/WAN networks (having 100-500 nodes).

The CCNP focuses on routing and switching of scalable networks including intranets and campuses. To obtain a CCNP, one must complete either two or four exams that cover routing, switching, remote access, and network support. In total, the exams cost approximately $500 (USD). As with all other Cisco certification exams, it's strongly recommended to prepare for the CCNP by reading study books, taking practice exams on the Web, and getting hands-on experience with Cisco equipment.

One must hold an active CCNA certification to be eligible for a CCNP. After obtaining a CCNP, one may choose to progress to the even more advanced and prestigious CCIE certification.

Also Known As: Cisco Certified Network Professional

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