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WAP - Wireless Access Points and Wireless Application Protocol


Definition: WAP - the Wireless Application Protocol - defines a network architecture for content delivery over wireless networks. Central to the design of WAP is a network stack based on the OSI model. WAP implements several new networking protocols that perform functions similar to the well-known Web protocols HTTP, TCP, and SSL.

WAP includes the concepts of browsers, servers, URLs, and gateways. WAP browsers are intended to be implemented on small mobile devices such as cell phones, pagers, and PDAs. Instead of developing content in HTML and JavaScript, WAP developers use WML and WMLScript.

Many WAP-enabled devices exist today, although their capability is generally limited to news feeds, stock quotes, and similar basic applications. WAP is in the early stages of development relative to other networking technologies, and its future viability remains unclear.

The term "WAP" also is used to refer to wireless access points.

Also Known As: Wireless Application Protocol, wireless access point

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