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Virtual LANs (VLANs)
Guide picks
VLANs support logical grouping of network nodes to reduce broadcast traffic and allow more control in implementing security policies.

Networking Technologies - VLANs
This document explains defines VLANs and explains at a high level the need for and potential benefits of virtual LANs.

Are VLANs On The Comeback Trail
The IEEE and IETF standards bodies have projects underway that they believe will bolster growth in the number of VLANs deployed.

VLAN Information at UC Davis
Besides providing an overview of VLAN concepts, this document discusses the real-world implementation of VLANs in the UC Davis "Network 21" environment.

VLANs Usurped by Virtual Private Networks
It is possible to apply VPN security features to solve the same segmenting and grouping problems as does VLAN technology.

Virtual LAN Technology Report
This comprehensive document discusses more advanced VLAN concepts such as membership, automated configuration, architectures, and related technologies.

VLAN - The Scoop
"The industry remains split over whether the technology is really necessary." Some believe VLANs make sense while others have reservations.

Migrating To VLAN: Tips, Tools, and Standards
Implementing VLANs can be boiled down to their basic characteristics: physical ports, protocols, addressing, and subnetting.

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