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Network Operating Systems
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Popular network operating systems include Windows, Mac, Linux, NetWare, and OS/2. Learn about computer networking from the operating system point of view.

NOS - A Definition
The term "NOS" stands for network operating system. A NOS contains protocol stacks as well as device drivers for network hardware... .

Windows Networking
Essential networking topics for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems such as dial-up networking, remote access, and connection sharing.

Linux Networking
Samba, firewall security, Web serving, and related features of the open-source Linux operating system.

Macintosh Networking
Networking capabilities of Macintosh computers including connectivity in Windows environments.

NetWare Networking
Novell NetWare has been used for basic file/print serving for many years; NetWare today also includes Web-based networking capabilities.

OS/2 Networking
The OS/2 network operating system supports TCP/IP, peer-to-peer, firewalling, and other conventional LAN technologies.

Special-Purpose Operating Systems
These operating systems appeal to specialized or "niche" audiences. Some servers and routers use these operating systems, for example.

Which NOS is Right for You?
Which network operating system is the "best" one? This article provides the resource information you need to make an informed decision, including links to discussions amongst the experts on our message board.

Crash - A Definition
The term "crash" refers to a critical failure in a network device. Traditionally, network operating systems have been a primary source of crashes.

More About Basic Networking
Our full list of basic computer networking resources including beginners' guides, glossary pages, and online quizzes.

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