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"Cisco CCNA Exam #640-607 Certification Guide" by Wendell Odom

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Cisco CCNA Certification Exam #640-607 Guide

ISBN 1-587-20055-4

The Bottom Line

A complete entry-level guide to Cisco networking and an excellent general overview of computer networking concepts.
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  • Teaches principles, not watered-down "cheats"
  • Covers more than routers - OSI model, TCP/IP, LANs
  • Comprehensive, detailed, and well written


  • Sheer size of the book may intimidate beginners


  • Chapter 1 describes the CCNA and other Cisco certifications.
  • Chapter 2 covers fundamentals of the Cisco Internetworking Operating System software.
  • The OSI Reference Model is presented in Chapter 3.
  • Chapters 4 and 5 discuss LANs, bridges and switches, VLANs and spanning trees.
  • Chapter 6 explains TCP/IP and IP routing, including IP addressing and subnetting, and UDP.
  • Chapter 7 provides detail on routing tables and routing protocols like RIP, IGRP and EIGRP.
  • Chapter 8 documents the important topic of access list security in networking.
  • In Chapter 9, router-to-router WAN connection protocols and designs are explored.
  • Chapters 10 and 11 explain Frame Relay and Novell IPX, respectively.
  • Remaining chapters and Appendices contain hands-on lab exercises, practice scenarios and quizzes.

Guide Review - "Cisco CCNA Exam #640-607 Certification Guide" by Wendell Odom

This book teaches the basic principles of Cisco networking. Containing much more information than strictly needed to pass the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam, the Guide is recommended reading for any serious student of computer networking.

The breadth, depth, and organization of it's subject matter is first-rate. Each core chapter contains detailed treatment of "foundation topics," a technical summary, practice scenarios, and Q&A. Supporting chapters contain additional exercises designed to maximize retention and recall of information.

At 1000 pages, the book may appear intimidating at first. Readers will be rewarded, however, with a strong foundation in basic networking knowledge.

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