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Bradley Mitchell

How Old Is the Internet?

By August 6, 2011

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Daily Express (UK) says the 20th anniversary of the internet [is] just one day away. Not true! The history of the Internet goes back much further. It's not practical to pin down to one specific date, but the key technology components of today's Internet were developed starting more than 40 years ago.

PC Magazine is also reporting that the World Wide Web, not The Internet, turns 20 this weekend. That's closer to correct, as 6 August 1991 is the day that the WWW was announced. But wait: The 20th anniversary of the WWW was celebrated in 2009 already. What's going on here, and who's right?

Both the Internet and the WWW were created in multiple stages. 22 years ago, in March 1989, the creator of what eventually became known as the WWW published the first formal proposal of the concept. This concept was developed and refined over the next two years, when the project was given the name we know today. Thus both 2009 and this year are 20th anniversaries of different milestones in the WWW's development.

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