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Readers Respond: Problems Connecting an Xbox to a Wireless Network

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It only takes a few minutes to connect an Xbox 360 to a wireless home network and Xbox Live if everything works right the first time. Unfortunately, any small mistake or technical glitch often leads to big trouble. Examples of problems you might have faced include
  • finding and using the right kind of wireless network adapter for the Xbox
  • entering the wrong values on the Xbox network configuration screens
  • installing the Xbox out of range of the wireless router signal

Did anything go wrong when attempting to network your Xbox? If so, how did you fix it?

(For solutions to the most common issues reported by our readers, see: Top Xbox 360 Wireless Network Connection Problems and Fixes) Tell Your Story

My Xbox 360 with Kinect.. Wifi probs

I'm trying to hook up my Xbox 360 which I had for two years now and so I decided to finally try and hook it up to the router, but when I go to settings it says there is no cord basically.
—Guest Person who needs help

Xbox One works better than 360

My Xbox 360 will not connect to Xbox Live, even though my Xbox One is fine and just played 2 hours of Titanfall with no issues. All other devices are fine. In fact, I'm using my RT tablet to type this. So frustrating!
—Guest Mollie

Your Internet capabilities suck, MS

I was a die hard fan of the Xbox since it's launch. Now every time I see it, I wonder if the piece of crap is going to work and let me play or refuse to recognize the IP address being slammed down its throat by my router. The internal antenna was a joke, unless your system [sits on top of] your router anyway, you'll likely need the external antenna. The only reason I picked one up was need, and a recent drop in the previously RIDICULOUS retail price of over a hundred bucks for the single antenna. Good looking out for the fans Micro[soft]. We wind up resetting the router 4-8 times day so this piece of crap you charged me so much for will do it's basic job. I look forward with great relish to my PS4. So smooth, fast and functional makes me so [mad] that I wasted money on your system just to get [thrashed] around.. You can keep yer gaming achievement points and your weak dashboard. Sony is my playmate again, and they forgive me with quality gear. Dissatisfied and fed up, B
—Guest Brandon

Not sure if Xbox or Wifi

My Xbox 360 won't let me connect to the router and modem 20 feet away. If I'm lucky enough to actually connect, it disconnects 15 seconds later. Every once and a while it lets me connect and boots me randomly in an hour or so. The same thing happens with my iPod but not as severe. Finally, almost everytime I try to connect to Live while playing a game, it automatically tells me to do a test connection. I've probably spent an entire day total trying to connect to [excrement reference] Xbox Live.
—Guest Jeffrey

Can't tell if it is hardware or software

On my Xbox 360, I have a plug in Wifi adapter. It worked perfectly before without any trouble, but now it seems to be stuck on connecting to my wireless network. I don't what the problems is, however, on my Wifi adapter there is a blinking green light. Of course I researched it, and found out that it means that the adapter is trying to 'connect to network'. I have made a few accusations that maybe my Xbox have been blocked by my network router or the hardware or software of the wireless adapter is glitching, broken, or just confused. I would appreciate if someone could help me with this and solve my problem. I would love to get back to gaming online.
—Guest Sam

I want a PS4!

I want a PS4 becuse Xbox is horrible when it comes to connecting to the Internet. It keeps kicking me offline. If it keeps on doing it, I'm getting a PS4.
—Guest eric

Might put my fist through my Xbox

My Xbox won't connect to the router even though I have rebooted everything. Every other device connects just fine. Configured network which seems pointless because it still gives me the same trouble. I hate how I'm paying for something that has become quite useless very recently and I have never had any problems before... .
—Guest AndrewE

Hardwired won't work

I didn't want to buy an Xbox wireless adapter so i hardwired it. Doesn't work. I have tried DNS settings and everything. The site just says reset to default settings. My dad thinks we might need to change some stuff about our router. Internet works great. Not sure what I can do to get wired to work. I don't want to buy the wireless adapter.
—Guest trevor

The Xbox IS the problem

My Xbox used to connect to Wifi seamlessly, and I still can connect with no problems on any other device, even my Sony Playstation devices (which are a much higher quality piece of hardware than I've ever gotten from Microsoft if anybody is wondering). Just not my Xbox 360, as it constantly demands I reset my router to connect to anything online, as well as constantly updating and altering my ports on my router. If anyone from Microsoft ever reads any of this and cares about any of their customer base, stop trying to improve your products with half-baked updates. This is completely inexcusable. I used to love my Xbox. Now I hate it and never play it due to the lack of quality control. Furthermore, I will not be buying any other Microsoft consoles unless my Xbox 360 begins to perform as well as it did 1-2 years after it's launch. How any of these updates were even be cleared for release if they create more issues than they ever fixed is beyond me. Does Microsoft test anything?
—Guest Josh

Disappearing Wi-Fi adapter

My Xbox had a built in Wi-fi thing [adapter] but just today it says it's not there anymore... .
—Guest Whyxboxdothistome

Won't find a new network

I moved into a new place that provides wireless Internet. My laptop found the network perfectly and is running like a gem but my Xbox won't locate the network, even when I do network configuration... .
—Guest Tara

Xbox One error 0x87dd001a

OK so some times when I turn on my Xbox One it doesn't connect to the Internet even though every thing else I own does. When I check the connection it says "Everything is good your console is connected to the Internet" - but I'm not. Nothing - it still gives me the error msg 0x87dd001a.
—Guest Raymond

Just decided to die

My Xbox's Internet was working fine until a few days ago, when it just decided to die. I've tried plugging in both an Ethernet cable and a wireless adapter. Both connect to my network but not the Internet. There are no firewalls or MAC filters up and every other device can connect just fine. Maybe my problem is internal... .
—Guest Chase

Xbox might go through the window

Every since my Internet was upgraded, it has been randomly kicking me offline. It is making me mad because I cannot find the solution. Every time our ISP would find a problem, they fixed it and it still would not work. I swear I WILL send my Xbox straight through the window if it goes on for the next month and is not fixed!
—Guest Why is this happening?

Updating settings didn't work

I've tried everything. i've reset my gateway, subnet mask, and both primary IP addreses. I don't now what a pppoe thing is, and my network has no automatic numbers but for all of them. I have being trying forever and I paid for online, so Micro$oft is ripping me off.
—Guest jack

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Problems Connecting an Xbox to a Wireless Network

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