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Readers Respond: Problems Connecting an Xbox to a Wireless Network

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It only takes a few minutes to connect an Xbox 360 to a wireless home network and Xbox Live if everything works right the first time. Unfortunately, any small mistake or technical glitch often leads to big trouble. Examples of problems you might have faced include
  • finding and using the right kind of wireless network adapter for the Xbox
  • entering the wrong values on the Xbox network configuration screens
  • installing the Xbox out of range of the wireless router signal

Did anything go wrong when attempting to network your Xbox? If so, how did you fix it?

(For solutions to the most common issues reported by our readers, see: Top Xbox 360 Wireless Network Connection Problems and Fixes) Tell Your Story

Xbox 360 misbehaving, Xbox One fine

About 2 months ago we got a Xbox One and it's worked out great so far. Problem is, since then our Xbox 360 that didn't have any issues before, will no longer connect to our Internet. Also I can be on the Xbox One and it's fine, but then turn it off... and just turning the 360 on will mess up our Internet. I spoke with an Xbox support rep, and they said that if putting our network settings back to manufacturer's settings didn't work I would have to send it to be repaired. Well, it didn't work.
—Guest Brandy

Weak Xbox connection?

It was fine before, but all of the sudden my Xbox 360 is messed up. The Internet works on my computer, but every time I go into a game of Call of Duty, I have 1 bar.
—Guest jacob

Lag with rural Internet

I have my Xbox connected to Wisper Internet and it lags all the time. Is there a solution? -Dorothy Rimmer
—Guest Phantom

Internet stops working

My iPod and iPad all connect to my Internet fine, but every time I try to play Xbox Live, my Internet stops working... and then when I turn my Xbox off, my Internet is back to normal.
—Guest vernon

Every device connects except my Xbox 360

I was playing earlier today, but when I tried to get online again later today, it said this once I put in my key code: "Your console can't connect to Xbox Live. Do you want to exit this session and test your network connection? If you are playing a game, you will lose any unsaved progress. 80151901"
—Guest Cam

Confusing and ridiculous

My bf and I were playing Skyrim via online bought games and suddenly it starts telling us to reboot the modem. We do, and it starts working again... but for only a few mins. Then it keeps constantly reminding us that in a few mins its going to disconnect. Then it does and tells us to restart the modem again. So we go to turn off the Xbox manually and restart it, and the solid green light is missing its center?! So we restart it and it's saying he's not signed in, and it won't let him sign in now at all.
—Guest Marciia

I agree with you (about Microsoft)

At least PS3 doesn't charge to do online gaming and has a better built in Wifi.
—Guest Justin

Had connection before but

Now that I've moved to where there's reliable Internet, I crank up my 360 (that I had stopped using thanks to bandwidth limited Internet at my old place) and fired it up. I've tried everything including straight to the laptop (how I was connecting before), and it says Internet failed (wired connection). Now I see maybe this isn't just a problem on my end. Dunno, will find out eventually I guess.
—Guest Just Moved

Wired connection and still won't connect

I am using a Xbox 360 with its own personal router, and it is wired through an Ethernet cord. I was playing games with no problems a couple of days ago but now I can't go past my dashboard because it disconnects me from Xbox Live as soon as I get into a game. It's a piece of *** and I don't like it.
—Guest cooche

Issues downloading from Marketplace

My Xbox works like a charm when I play online with other people, but every time I want to download something from the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Wifi for every device in the house goes off and I have to keep resetting it every single time I download something. Thanks to this, Red Dead Redemption took 5 days to download instead of 6 hours.
—Guest Colin

I'm getting a PS4

I have constantly tried to fix my Xbox 360 to let me get on Xbox Live. I've spent over 3 hours on the phone with their tech support and nothing works. This game console is worthless and I'm selling it. I can't look at it for 5 seconds without wanting to put my fist through it.
—Guest BreezyJ

My sister has the same problem

My sister just got an Xbox 360 that was barely ever played by the previous owner, let alone touched. All other devices (including my 3DS) are able to connect, but the 360 is screwing my sister over. All she wants is to watch Netflix on her 360.
—Guest Wyldfyre

The mystery wireless connection adapter

My Xbox was on Wifi yesterday. Now it says I need a wireless connection adapter to connect to Wifi.
—Guest guest

Is Xbox 360 going away?

The rumor of Microsoft shutting down the 360 isn't a secret anymore. But what I really don't get is why. There is no reason for Microsoft to do anything withthe Xbox 360 console because more people play the 360 than those who have the Xbox One. If Microsoft wants people to but the new xbox without losing money then they need to find another way because shutting down the 360 won't do anything but cost them to spend more money than they make. I don't see any upside to their strategy in forcing people to but a $500 game system when they won't get their money back from the previous console and All of the games that they bought. And believe it or not the Xbox Origional is still in use, the very first Xbox is still being used but the second Xbox is getting shut down for the Xbox One which not very many people have. The PS4 is selling because Sony knows how to make money off a happy customer. I hope Microsoft turns its self around, because coming from someone who likes Xbox, this is bull****.
—Guest Snake

I hate Xbox...

My Windows phone which has been through hell and back can connect to the Internet, but not my brand new Xbox 360. It says i have no Internet. I hate Xbox. I hate my luck - get a PS3 everyone said, but did i listen? no... .
—Guest really mad person

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Problems Connecting an Xbox to a Wireless Network

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