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Readers Respond: Problems Connecting an Xbox to a Wireless Network

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She won't connect

Yesterday it was fine, now it won't connect. My internet is good and all my other device can disconnect and connect again to my router, but this Xbox 360 is so sensitive, she won't connect with my router.
—Guest John

Being driven mad

The past week my Xbox will not connect to my wireless Internet. My other gadgets will. It's driving me mad.
—Guest kay

IP address errors

Last night my Xbox ran perfectly on Wifi. Now all I get is that stupid IP address error. I've done everything on Microsoft help but still no results... .
—Guest Ozzy

Minecraft kicks me offline

When I got on my Xbox, I was going to go play Minecraft with my friends. Well, when I got on everything was okay until I started up the game. It disconnected me from Live. I thought I could just sign back in. When I did, it said I lost my connection. When I went to test it, the second I got on the homepage it said I was online. So I thought that was over. When I started the game up again, it happened again. I've been fighting it for about two hours now. It's really annoying and i can't think of anything to do... .
—Guest biizz steraze

Lose connection when starting a new game

I'm connected to Xbox Live normally, but when I start to play new games it says I lose Xbox Live connection. When I stop the game, Xbox Live comes right back on.
—Guest roger adams

I would sue you if I had the money

Thats it Microsoft - I am going to PS3. My phones connect, my Ipad connects, my Mac connects to the Wifi but no, not my Xbox. I want a refund.
—Guest guest

Stay connected no more than 10 minutes!

My Xbox is the best one out right now Xbox 360 250GB glossy, and my router is less than a foot away from the Xbox, yet it refuses to connect to the router for more than 10 minutes! I tried both wireless and wire to connect it to the router it even says FOUR BARS of signal (highest it goes). Yet when I go to the connection menu, it disconnects me directly and I have to try the whole routine again until it decides to stay connected. Even when it does connect, the connection lasts no more than 10 minutes before shutting off again. I have no clue what is wrong with it. The Xbox is brand new, and the company said my Internet should be really fast, above average.
—Guest annoyed

You never fail, Xbox

Every device is connected and active on my network. I flush every DNS cache to make sure there aren't any conflicts, and still, the Xbox won't connect. The single most annoying machine in my house, hands down.
—Guest Albert

Frequent modem resets required

My Xbox 360 used to always connect to my Wifi. Now for some godly reason, the only way it will connect is if I reset my modem, and most of the time I have to do it many times. I really want this to be fixed. Everything else in my house works perfectly fine on my Wifi including my PS3, so I don't know if it is just the Xbox console or just the quality of the Xbox 360 itself.
—Guest guest

Unable to open NAT

I tried everything but can't get my Internet connection to go to open NAT.
—Guest michael

It's an Xbox problem

Every other device in my household such as Androids, iPods, and a PS3 are seamlessly able to connect to the Internet wirelessly. For some odd reason my 360 just refuses. I've tried manual and automatic setups to no avail. The connection tests last under a second; I'm almost instantly told the test failed.
—Guest Jordan T

Works but causes problems with Wifi

We connected the Xbox to our router. The Internet still works and Xbox Live works but Wifi doesn't!? I'm so annoyed with this because I want Wifi for my phone.
—Guest Veganpandas

Now causing router to reboot

All of my electronics work fine connected to my AT&T router, like my PS3, PC, phone, tablet etc. Whenever I try to connect my Xbox, the router's power light turns red, then it restarts. This never used to happen before.
—Guest Over 9000

One is much slower than another

I have a great Internet connection and one of my Xboxes has a great connection, but the other Xbox is a lot slower, not sure why.
—Guest john

Playing the reset game

Only the past week Xbox connects fine. Start a game - disconnects. Need to reset xbox and router 5 times minimum before it will connect again. Takes 3-4 connections for it to work. Every other wireless device in the same room runs perfectly.
—Guest Evski

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Problems Connecting an Xbox to a Wireless Network

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