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Readers Respond: Problems Connecting an Xbox to a Wireless Network

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Only the Xbox does not connect

I have an Xbox 360 slim, and it is the only thing in my house that won't connect to the Internet. Maybe if I get Ethernet will that somehow work better?
—Guest Dominic

My router is stupid

I accidentally unplugged my Dlink router, and now it won't connect to either the Internet or Xbox Live... .
—Guest Cool not

My brother's computer

My Xbox Live runs fine until my brother turns his computer on in his bedroom which is the next room... I have had enough of lag.
—Guest mike

It's a Microsoft problem

I lose my connection for Xbox... It works perfectly for Apple products and cellphones, just not my Xbox 360.
—Guest Mad Little teen

Unplugging the router didn't help

It won't connect to Xbox Live. The only suggestion was to unplug the router for 30 seconds, wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in. I did that, and it still didn't work, except this time, there were no help suggestions.
—Guest that is pissed off

Failed to switch from Ethernet to Wi-Fi

I disconnected my Ethernet cable to switch to Wi-Fi (on Xbox 360S Halo Reach edition) and it won't work. I tried everything it said to do on xbox.com/networkhelp and xbox.com/wireless-help. If it is the new Xbox update that's causing this BS, they should fix it ASAP... .
—Guest Fvck Xbox

Suspecting the ISP

Me an my boyfriend have Cox cable as our Internet provider. Internet works excellent on laptop, but while connected to Xbox the connection starts off great and turns red. Ends with a major ton of lag and gets us killed constantly. Not sure what the deal is, but pretty sure Cox cable is ... bad... .
—Guest alexa

Something about the guest account

All my Xbox 360 accounts work, but my guest account will not work.
—Guest guest dan

Everything but the Xbox

My wireless Internet connection works fine on my computer and my Galaxy Y, never shows the yellow triangle that appears when you can't connect. I try to connect to the Internet on my Xbox 360 and it joins to the wireless network, but the network doesn't connect to the Net. Again, it works fine on my Sony Vaio, Galaxy Y and iPod touch.
—Guest Calebe

Accidentally disconnected

I accidentally pressed "Disconnect" on my network, now I do not know how to connect it again.
—Guest guest man

Official support not very helpful

The Xbox connects to my Wifi, the Wifi connects to the Internet, but the Internet won't reach Xbox Live. It takes 15 minutes just to tell me Xbox Live isn't working! I've only had an account for two to three weeks. I just want to use a dlc pack that i got for my birthday, and then be done with Live, I've tried the support, and it says "uh oh, that shouldn't happen... "
—Guest guest guyman

My attempt at Xbox Live

I clicked join Xbox Live, and then Test Connection. I then clicked Wireless Network, and it came up with: "To use a wireless Internet connection, connect a wireless networking adapter to your console." But that would be wired, and I can't wire it up to my router because its in another room and my wire isn't long enough. [Ed.: Your setup requires a wireless router, and a Wi-Fi adapter for the Xbox that plugs into the console's Ethernet or USB port.]
—Guest carla

Disabling passwords is the only way?

I have done everything that I could, but still it just does not connect to my router. Only when I remove my password from my router, then only my Xbox connects to my router and Live... But I can't leave my router's password open as I have been hacked a lot of times... .
—Guest max_samuel

Works only rarely

I don't understand Microsoft and Macs; they never deliver what they advertise. I have tried a thousand and one ways to connect and nothing works. I get the occasional connection and that's it again for another endless attempt. If it works once, why cant it work again?
—Guest xbox sucks

Freezes in network configuration

My Xbox can't connect to my wireless Internet. I've done everything. When I go to network configuration, my Xbox slows down and sometimes freezes, but only on the that screen... .
—Guest justin

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Problems Connecting an Xbox to a Wireless Network

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