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Readers Respond: Problems Connecting an Xbox to a Wireless Network

Responses: 137


Can't use a USB adapter

I downloaded the Windows Connect [tool from Microsoft] and connected to my Internet router, but it says to get a wireless adapter. Can't I use my USB adapter? [ Ed.: No, generic USB network adapters will not work - see - http://compnetworking.about.com/od/xbox360livenetwork/f/install-wifi.htm ]
—Guest jabbed

Can't connect to neighbor's router

I wanted pick up an Internet signal off someone's wireless router for my Xbox 360, but it didn't work.
—Guest dayon thomas

Worked yesterday but not today

The Xbox Live doesn't connect today although it was working yesterday morning. My Internet is working.
—Guest joshua

Won't stay connected thru Netgear router

My Xbox disconnects me from Xbox Live. I get several different error messages - one is that NAT needs to be opened. I opened the NAT and still not connecting though.
—Guest Ant

Have access to Live but no game sessions

When running a network status check, it connects to Xbox Live perfect. Tests come back good. Then it allows you to press Y for status that comes up with W.0000-0021 X.0400-F001 Y.20A8-4840 Z.0000-0000 ID:FFFF-FFFF I want to play Bad Company 2 online, but when I search for a game it says "Can't find any games at this time please try again" I've been trying for days now and it's ticking me off.

Can't connect to passcode WiFi hotspot

I have a good signal to a wireless hotspot and I also have a username and password, but I cannot connect to the hotspot with my Xbox.
—Guest giffordcasey

Can't configure the wireless adapter

My friend who has Xbox Live gave me a wireless adapter. The home screen came up but the orange light kept on flashing. I tested my connection and it did not work. My wireless router is working because my laptop is on now perfectly.
—Guest footballpro2010

Xbox Live update caused name confusion?

My WiFi was working fine till the new [Xbox Live] update came and downloaded. Then it lost connection. Now the router that the WiFi links to can't tell the difference in the names Xbox Live and xbox.com.
—Guest tryple blac

Wireless option not shown

The option for wireless network doesn't even come up...
—Guest chrisschris

Adapter doesn't work

There isn't any power light on (the adapter), and it doesn't show up on my configuration settings screen - nothing works.
—Guest brandyn

Won't take my WPA settings

Can't log on to Live because the Xbox won't take my WPA key. It will (only) take my WPA password instead (of the key).
—Guest Elmer Palmer

Only works at the neighbor's

I took my Xbox to my friends house, and it worked fine there. I took it home, and now it finds the network and Live... but is says wireless status disconnected and it wont work from there.
—Guest ellis

Asks for a WPA key

When I click my Wifi in the Xbox it keeps saying to write the WPA number.
—Guest tenzin

Nothing but disconnects

It always says Disconnected on Xbox 360 (but my PS3 doesn't have a problem.)
—Guest guest

Disconnects, failed joins, and lag

My connection to the Internet has four bars, but I can't stay connected to Xbox Live for that long. It won't let me join parties or games sometimes. Also, my mic lags on my Xbox, but when I brought it to my friends house it worked fine.
—Guest Jon

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