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Readers Respond: Problems Connecting an Xbox to a Wireless Network

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Fed up with your scheme Microsoft!

Apparently its common knowledge by now that the Xbox 360 is having issues with Live and not the Xbox One. This is no coincidence. This is a grade-a marketing scheme to force people to upgrade in this terrible economy, and due to their terms of service that are carefully worded in their favor, there is nothing that they have to do to fix it, and no refunds that they have to issue. They can simply say that the Xbox is now magically unfixable and cannot be fixed, and have found that the Xbox One is "immune" to it. The only real way to fix it is if each and every one of us file a compliant of our own to xbox.com and hope for the best. Furthermore, broadcast your feelings across the Net. Make them pay for their discriminating acts against us last gens. We will not be forced to give up and give in to those money grubbing penny pinchers! Keep Live ALIVE!
—Guest Kaiyoti

Moved Xbox won't stay connected

I moved my Xbox to a room across the hall. Its kind of like a game room. But now it won't connect automatically and when I go to test it, it says zero bars. I have to forget the network and retype everything in, and sometimes it still won't connect. When I am connected, I lag and drop out of games constantly.
—Guest Tyler

$500 and no Wi-Fi connection

First off, you can't play any games that you've downloaded if you don't have an Internet connection - ridiculous. Apparently $500 and this thing can't even connect to Wi-Fi.. wtf... .
—Guest xboxonesucks

Buying a PS4

This non-stop connection problem [with Xbox 360] has convinced me to go Sony's PS4 for my next gen console purchase. Done with Microsoft.
—Guest My Dixie Wrecked

Suddenly decided to crap out on me

Until 3 days ago, I've had no problems on Xbox Live. But suddenly it decided to stop connecting to the Internet. All of my other devices still connect to the Wi-fi, but all I get on Xbox now is error messages asking to test connection. I've tried everything like everyone else here - nothing. Getting pretty pissed considering I just bought Titanfall and only got to play it for a week.
—Guest Sean M

I want a refund

My Xbox has been unable to connect to Xbox Live for seven days now. It has no problems connecting to my network (on which all other devices work) and to the Internet, but then that last leap to Xbox Live - NOPE! This must be a problem on Xbox Live's side of things, I have tried every troubleshooting solution with absolutely zero success. Most of them such as "check router cables" seem to suggest the device isn't connected to the Internet..as if I lied to them when I said it connected to the Internet but not Live. How can it have full Internet access (4 bars) and be unable to connect to Xbox Live? I'll be trying (I'm sure unsuccessfully) to get a refund today, I paid them for a service and the service is outright not being provided.
—Guest Thomas

All devices in house connect but my Xbox

Hey - so my Internet connection hasn't been that bad. I've had it for around 8 months now, and there has been very little problem - just a few here and there. But recently (past 5 days in a row) my Xbox connects then disconnects after 5 minutes and every other device in the house connects and works fine when running through the same router... .
—Guest Pridey

Here's what I tried

Same story as many of you. I used to be able to wirelessly connect Xbox Slims in my house to the modem, and I used to be able to connect the older ones via Ethernet cables. But recently none of this is working. I have tried the following things (with no results): (1) Buying a Black 'Wireless N Networking Adapter' for my Black Xbox 360 Elite Console (2) Buying a white 'Wireless A/B/G Networking Adapter' for my black Xbox 360 Elite Console (3) Buying An Xbox 360 Slim Console (which has an in-built wireless networking adapter) (4) Connecting my Elite to the modem via an ethernet cable (5) Connecting my Slim to the modem via an Ethernet cable. All this has resulted in a lot of time/money being spent. This is ridiculous as all of the above things would've worked 2 years ago before I took my break from gaming. What the heck happened to Microsoft in that time to mess up all of these members' gateway to LIVE? I am more disappointed than annoyed. I don't want to swap to PC or PS4 yet, but it looks like we'll all have to :(
—Guest Gabe

Says wireless is required

I have never needed a wireless adapter, but now my Xbox says it can't connect without one.
—Guest paul

Xbox One sucks [slang for detective]

I bought my Xbox One in February. I've had it two months, and the piece of [not nice word] is already having problems. It says I'm connected to my Wifi yet keeps saying not connected. Then two hours later it connects to Live but then won't let me sign in to any of my profiles. What the [bad word]? It's one problem after the next. I swear if it doesn't work in the next week, it's going to Goodwill, and I'm getting me a PS4 since Xbox clearly failed in epic fashion yet again on another project.
—Guest blake

Xbox 360 won't take the password

So I've played my Xbox a lot, on Xbox Live. But now Xbox Live won't connect. I do have Gold left. The Wifi says it is on [check], but I try to sign into Xbox Live and it won't take it. I tried forgetting the Wifi network, to find that the damn thing won't take the right password. I know for a fact that the password I've put in is correct, works on my Xbox One, but I enter it on Xbox 360 Wifi to get on Live and it says the WEP key is invalid!
—Guest XboxIsBeingRetarded

I can't sign-in on Xbox Live

My Internet works fine For my tablet and phone but it doesn't work for my Xbox. I've tried unplugging my router/modem for 30 seconds and it still didn't work.
—Guest Indy

My Xbox 360 with Kinect.. Wifi probs

I'm trying to hook up my Xbox 360 which I had for two years now and so I decided to finally try and hook it up to the router, but when I go to settings it says there is no cord basically.
—Guest Person who needs help

Xbox One works better than 360

My Xbox 360 will not connect to Xbox Live, even though my Xbox One is fine and just played 2 hours of Titanfall with no issues. All other devices are fine. In fact, I'm using my RT tablet to type this. So frustrating!
—Guest Mollie

Your Internet capabilities suck, MS

I was a die hard fan of the Xbox since it's launch. Now every time I see it, I wonder if the piece of crap is going to work and let me play or refuse to recognize the IP address being slammed down its throat by my router. The internal antenna was a joke, unless your system [sits on top of] your router anyway, you'll likely need the external antenna. The only reason I picked one up was need, and a recent drop in the previously RIDICULOUS retail price of over a hundred bucks for the single antenna. Good looking out for the fans Micro[soft]. We wind up resetting the router 4-8 times day so this piece of crap you charged me so much for will do it's basic job. I look forward with great relish to my PS4. So smooth, fast and functional makes me so [mad] that I wasted money on your system just to get [thrashed] around.. You can keep yer gaming achievement points and your weak dashboard. Sony is my playmate again, and they forgive me with quality gear. Dissatisfied and fed up, B
—Guest Brandon

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Problems Connecting an Xbox to a Wireless Network

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