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Readers Respond: Problems Connecting an Xbox to a Wireless Network

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Is Xbox 360 going away?

The rumor of Microsoft shutting down the 360 isn't a secret anymore. But what I really don't get is why. There is no reason for Microsoft to do anything withthe Xbox 360 console because more people play the 360 than those who have the Xbox One. If Microsoft wants people to but the new xbox without losing money then they need to find another way because shutting down the 360 won't do anything but cost them to spend more money than they make. I don't see any upside to their strategy in forcing people to but a $500 game system when they won't get their money back from the previous console and All of the games that they bought. And believe it or not the Xbox Origional is still in use, the very first Xbox is still being used but the second Xbox is getting shut down for the Xbox One which not very many people have. The PS4 is selling because Sony knows how to make money off a happy customer. I hope Microsoft turns its self around, because coming from someone who likes Xbox, this is bull****.
—Guest Snake

I hate Xbox...

My Windows phone which has been through hell and back can connect to the Internet, but not my brand new Xbox 360. It says i have no Internet. I hate Xbox. I hate my luck - get a PS3 everyone said, but did i listen? no... .
—Guest really mad person

My Xbox 360 wireless connection problems

I am just done with trying to connect Live with this Xbox system! PS4 is my next purchase, plus their live (ANGRY WORD) is Free. Save more $$$. Donating Xbox 360 to my worst critics (haters). They could use the frustration. #PS4 save one more.
—Guest zekevelli

My Xbox wireless adapter

I plug it up and it works for ten minutes and then it just signs me out. I have the black one with two antennas. Man, what the hell! And when I try to reboot it to Xbox Live, it says "the console cannot connect to Xbox Live. Do you want to exit this session and test your network?" And when I text it, it said everything's fine. But it happens all over again >:(
—Guest What the hell !

Can't connect to Live...PS4 is next

Xbox 360 connects to the Internet, but needs an update to connect to Live, and it connected to Live for the update?! I've tried everything, and nothing is fixing this. My son's Xbox 360 works fine. We had no issues with anything until two days ago when that stupid update came out on June 4th and messed it all up. We only use it for Netflix and HBO Go, so I'm just going to get a Roku or Fire TV. My son's next gaming console- PS4! * * Microsoft - I know your game and I'm not playing it!
—Guest Fed up

Internet connection signs out

I've recently just played for the first time in months - turned on my box, played some Live. Then all of a sudden the game signed me out. Then wouldn't sign me back in due to the Internet not connecting to the box played (step three on the network test) and will not sign me back in. I've already sent this box in once. This is ridiculous.
—Guest Andrew

Won't accept WEP key

Hi I'm trying to connect my Xbox to my Wifi, and it asks for a WEP key, which I know [the value of]. When I input it, it says incorrect key when I'm 100% positive that it's the right key.
—Guest JOnathan

Dropped off Live during trip to Walmart

I was on my Xbox 1 hour ago and went to Walmart to buy a points card. It took me 30 minutes. When I got home I got on my xbox and it wouldn't let me on. No one was on my account, which i confirmed, so i kept turning on and off my router and modem for 30 seconds. I also tried making a guest network from my Netgear router. Still not working! Although from time to time my router changes its NAT Type to open to moderate. So then i changed to my brothers Xbox and tried there using my account. It let me on! I did the network testing thing and it said router = connected, wireless = connected, then Xbox Live = not connected (but italso says service: Up Marketplace: Up Accounts: Up Matchmaking: Up). I just want to get on and download the new Minecraft!
—Guest Brock

Multi party chat doesn't work

I have Xbox 360 only (limited laptop access) and wi fi. I can get on Xbox live and chat to one friend who has wifi but with modem plugged directly into their Xbox. But I cannot chat with another friend at the same time. He has wifi but not plugged directly to his xbox. I am with bigpond [Internet provider]
—Guest lynda

Xbox vs Netgear standoff

My Xbox refuses to connect to my Netgear router. No matter what I do, it simply will not connect to the Internet.
—Guest RexDane

Will not work for certain games

Ever since I got Skyrim, that game and all games bought after would not connect to Xbox live. I am still able to connect via the dashboard, but I am unable to connect ingame with games such as Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, and any other new game. I am also unable to get any achievements in any of my games anymore.
—Guest Frank

WAP-to-WEP pass security key

I got my son [an] Xbox 360 at Christmas and have been trying to connect since then. It [the router] won't take [my] security password. For [a] Zylex wireless [router, I was told I need a WEP password instead of a WAP which is the password for my wireless. How do I change it? [A: The router must be re-configured to use WAP, or else a valid WEP password must be entered on the 360.]

360 not working with a Netgear

When I hooked up my Xbox and my wireless router, testing my Xbox 360 live connections didn't work, even when I followed all the directions. The wireless router is Netgear, and the guy at Walmart even told me it would be able to connect onto my Xbox and it will work really good.
—Guest felicia

Unplug workaround doesn't work anymore

About 1 month ago my Xbox worked fine. Now when I log in, it says "cannot connect to Xbox Live." So I go unplug my Internet cable, then plug it back in, and I go back and it still does not work. Before when I had that trouble, reconnecting like this worked, but now it doesn''t. So I don't know what to do.
—Guest mad

Disconnects after 10 minutes

I can turn it on, but it won't let me play anything. After 10 minutes it disconnects.
—Guest Divine viper

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