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Readers Respond: Which 802.11n Router Do You Use, and Why?

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New wireless routers for home networks normally support the 802.11n standard for Wi-Fi. 802.11n is designed to improve on older types of Wi-Fi technology, improving a router's performance and range.

Many different companies make 802.11n (sometimes also called Wireless-N) routers. Some of these routers may be more reliable, easier to use, or simply better looking than others. The companies that make them may also offer different levels of customer service and warranties. Choosing the right 802.11n router for your needs isn't easy.

Tell us: Which 802.11n router do you use, and why?

TP-Link TL-MR3420

I bought it for the 3G capabilities. After 10 months it stopped working. I was very happy during the 10months that it lasted
—Guest Ae58

Linksys WRT300N

I have used the Linksys WRT300N for several years w/a Motorola Zoom 5241 cable modem and Comcast hi-speed internet, on several different kinds of laptops and tablets. No complaints. No dropped connections. Works very well w/in a short range with no obstructions (lots of walls etc). However, I cannot get good signal to the far end of my new rambler home due to the room layout.
—Guest Guest M.

What 802.11n router I use

I use a Linksys WRT350N. I think that they are a good company with quality products and associated with Cisco.
—Guest Sailor10

D-Link 655 - drops connections

Owned now just 8 months...started to drop connections constantly. Thought it was the best but now i know better. Waste of my time and money....shoulda have read the forums first.
—Guest dirkfour4

Actiontec M1000 + W1000 wireless module

Died in 2 years phone. Company warrantied it, they sent back a used 1, and it didn't work right. So they sent another. Weeeeeeeee... .
—Guest pappaknox

Apple Airport Extreme + base station

My Airport Extreme range is about 100 yards through 5 houses at the end of my block. It is dual band broadcasting two frequencies simultaneously. 2.7ghz (same as G - few crowded channels) 5.9ghz (lots of channels- less interference). This is nice because some things (iphone/ipod) are 2.7 only while laptops can use the faster 5.9. I also added an Apple Airport Express to my network for my PS3. The ps3 is wireless G only. The Airport Express picks up the wireless N signal from the Airport extreme. The express is plugged in next to the ps3 with a short Ethernet cable providing internet access to the ps3. As a bonus, an audio cable can be run from the airport express to my surround sound system for wireless music access with AirTunes. AirTunes can be controlled by your computer or iphone/ipod touch
—Guest James

Sticking with TrendNet

I have a TrendNet TEW-631BRP (H/W V2.0R) Wireless N Firewall Router. It has been working without loss of connection, or any other problems for over 4 years. It has a very nice web configuration setup and help section. It is loaded with lots of features, many I am not using... . I am expecting my new TrendNet TEW-692GR dual band "N" .... sometime today. I bought a new BD player which works on both 2.4 and 5GHz bands and I needed a router that offers the same. I have used Netgear and Belkin in the past, but too expensive and the Belkin kept dropping the connection, and the Netgear lost its NAT ability. I will stick with TrendNet.

Cisco 1260

Command Line Interface and Web GUI. Its the only way to go!
—Guest Josh

Linksys 320N modem router

Best n series modem router for gaming, browsing movies and sharing, but one thing was not good and its very important - the [signal] range was very poor if down or up stairs.
—Guest eng.almutairi

Dlink DIR 615, Cisco WRT120N - moving on

D-Link worked for about a year then started dropping connections. Set up Cisco a month ago and now have to restart at least once a day. Looking for something else. My sister uses a Belkin and seems fine. I had Netgear recommended and am leaning that way. Only good thing is that I have learned a lot about router setup though with the two that I have. Just want something to work.
—Guest Ian

No more D-Link for me

I have been using a Belkin Enhanced Wireless Router (can't find a model number) for a bit over two years because my MUCH more costly D-link DIR-655 died a premature death in less than a year from purchase. D-Link Customer support does very little support. 4 of 6 D-Link USB wireless adapters also died prematurely. Netgear adapters costing about 1/4 of the price for the D-Link adapters are still going strong.

Netgear vs. Linksys WRT300N

Netgear routers work good. Are there any comments about the functionality of Linksys wrt300n wireless routers?
—Guest kuya sef

Dlink DIR-655 B1

Got this router and set it up. Only problem, can't stealth port 0. Tech support not great as stated above, sounds like they are in India. Connects great on a G adapter (bought on sale), a Dlink DWA-645 PCcard adapter - and it always connects at 300 Mbps. My laptop's speed tests are way higher than they ever were.
—Guest Joe T

My Linksys drops connections

Bought Linksys and it drops signal maddeningly, always at a critical time. Buy something else.
—Guest pschneid

No issues with D-Link DIR-615

I have had no major issues in setting this up. It has been working great for the past 2 months. I also use the D-link USB Nano wireless adapter on my laptop. Great combination.
—Guest Tom

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