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Readers Respond: Which 802.11n Router Do You Use, and Why?

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New wireless routers for home networks normally support the 802.11n standard for Wi-Fi. 802.11n is designed to improve on older types of Wi-Fi technology, improving a router's performance and range.

Many different companies make 802.11n (sometimes also called Wireless-N) routers. Some of these routers may be more reliable, easier to use, or simply better looking than others. The companies that make them may also offer different levels of customer service and warranties. Choosing the right 802.11n router for your needs isn't easy.

Tell us: Which 802.11n router do you use, and why?

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Opinions on Sagem?

I have a [Sky Wireless] Sagem router phase 3 UOM 1. I'm not convinced it's that good of a router... .
—Guest Anna

Airport Extreme destroyed my phone

My Majic Jack went down when connected to the Airport Extreme and would not reset when Airport Extreme was removed from my system.
—Guest ROGER

Cisco/Linksys E4200

I have consistently used Linksys products for my home and office wireless network. I first had the WRT300N, then upgraded to the E2500, and now run the E4200. I only upgraded to meet the special requirements of my office which is next to the house, about 60 feet away. The E4200 gives me significantly stronger range of signal. I have had no problem with dropped connections using Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

Netgear N600

I have had good luck with the Netgear N600 series. I set up over a half a dozen in the field and just installed another one today. They have a USB port on them so you can add an external USB drive for NAS.
—Guest dan

D-Link 615

I've been using it about two years. I plugged it in and still running. As always I reset everything about every six months or so weather it needs it or not. Just peace of mind for me. I'm on cable with phone - I reset that about once a month. If you keep it clean you should never any troubles.
—Guest n6yvy

Belkin wireless adapters

I have been using Belkin router and wireless adapters for access to Internet. Recently my ISP system went down and after it was fixed my laptop wouldn't connect. I get a "Network Cable Unplugged or Disconnected" error. It is maddening trying to figure out what that means and how to fix it. Still do not have my laptop back on wireless Internet connection.
—Guest Don

Fritz Box 7390

The modem I use is an "Fritz Box 7390" and i use an "Mynetfone" Internet phone. Here in Australia, this modem is VERY GOOD it never misses a beat. I have the Fritz Phone coupled to it, and they're a joy to use. The interface on the modem is the best and very easy to setup. Would I recommend this modem? YES I WOULD!
—Guest Harry-701

New Linksys EA 2700

We now have a Linksys EA 2700 router. We have three systems, two older and a new one. The new one has a 802.11n NIC while the two older systems still have 802.11 b/g. We had a Dlink b/g router which even before the new system required frequent reboots to connect or stay connected. Looking at specs I decided on the Linksys EA 2700 which was more than we needed but had room for growth. The 802.11n system runs faster than it did on the Dlink but the other two systems ran at 108Mbps on the Dlink router but only 54 Mbps on the EA 2700. I spent quite a bit of time, at least an hour, with Linksys' Live Chat and we made some changes in router configuration but the two older systems still run at 54 Mbps. It would be nice if they were back at 108 Mbps but it isn't a high priority issue. Setting up the EA 2700 was very easy. I had my laptop ready to do the setup and configuration but the setup CD that came with the router did all the work.
—Guest Kneepayne

Valet Plus

I got a Cisco Valet Plus a year or so ago, quite happy with it. Not happy about the range, so I tried setting up a repeater, which I never got to work (different brand), although I have before with a Linksys router. I think that I'll just get another Valet and be done with it. The Valet is really easy to set up, and if you need a repeater, there are some great links on the web.

Linksys (Cisco) WRT160N

I've bought three refurbished WRT160N's from Amazon for $16-$25 and installed DD-WRT. Works great and allows me to tweak power, protocol, etc.
—Guest Robert C

Tried both Cradlepoint and Belkin

I've been using a Cradlepoint travel router for my Virgin Mobile USB modem. It works but blips out here and there. Bought a Belkin and can't get it to connect. Return and keep searching... .
—Guest Anita

TP-Link TL-MR3420

3G capabilities, Ez setup for my 7 years old son & SUPER CHEAP ROUTER...worth only +/- US 17
—Guest denny

Concerned about router reliability

WOW! It would seem routers in general are unreliable with some just worse than others. Having said that, I have 2 DIR655 D-Link routers. A v1 and v2 hardware. The v1 has been in use for nearly 10 years the other for over a year. No problems on either one of them. Been thinking of getting a new one to take advantage of the new ipv6, but scared of getting a piece of junk.
—Guest SGO1

TP-Link TL-MR3420

I bought it for the 3G capabilities. After 10 months it stopped working. I was very happy during the 10months that it lasted
—Guest Ae58

Linksys WRT300N

I have used the Linksys WRT300N for several years w/a Motorola Zoom 5241 cable modem and Comcast hi-speed internet, on several different kinds of laptops and tablets. No complaints. No dropped connections. Works very well w/in a short range with no obstructions (lots of walls etc). However, I cannot get good signal to the far end of my new rambler home due to the room layout.
—Guest Guest M.

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Which 802.11n Router Do You Use, and Why?

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