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Readers Respond: Which 802.11n Router Do You Use, and Why?

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Cradlepoint MBR1200

I use the Cradlepoint MBR1200 with the Sprint 598 USB modem---which keeps disconnecting when used in the router. works just fine when in the desktop computer or the laptop. Do not know how to stop it from disconnecting every 5 - 10 minutes.
—Guest Debbie

Linksys WAG325n

Absolutely brilliant from day one. Running 3 desktops and 3 laptops at home with no problems. I have a WUSB300n adapter for an old P3 laptop which is connecting at 300 Mbps. Admittedly I have updated the firmware and drivers, but isn't that what you're supposed to do? One DT is wired into the router and the other two have draft g NICs connecting at 48 - 52Mbps.
—Guest Richard

Poor performance with the Cisco WRT160N

Free N wireless adapter included but getting better speeds with my wireless adapter from my 5 year old laptop. I am not getting 4 times the range that I expected from an N router. Very very disapointed with this router. Hope to test it soon in a field against my old router to prove that you don't get 4 times the range.
—Guest Mary

Linksys 610N is terrible

I used Linksys WRT54G for almost 3 years without issues. I got as high as 13 Mbps on Wireless-G with this setup. Then I needed more bandwidth to share media center recordings, so I got Zyxel powerline router/adapters. Wireless-G stayed the same with this router, but powerline gave me close to 19 Mbps (still not enough for HDTV recordings). So last week I went to Best Buy and bought the most expensive Wireless-N setup (Linksys 610N gigabit router and Linksys 600N USB adapter) for $200 and $95 respectively. I was downright shocked to see that this setup couldn't cross 3 Mbps. I tried it in dual band mode, single band mode, G-only, N-only etc but Wireless-N never crossed 3 Mbps. I am a tech-savvy person and understand every detail of these routers - still couldn't get decent performance out of this router. Then I found a Linksys forum where people have posted similar issues with this router. The Web configuration of this router is complicated and ill-designed. Stay away from this router!!
—Guest Vivek

D-Link DIR-615 and tech support a dud

Spent several hours and 3 phone calls with support and never did get a DIR-615 working, Terrible support; no warranty. Stay away from this product and company, I will be replacing with Trendnet or Netgear.
—Guest Gilles

D-Link DIR-615 = dead

I bought a D-Link DIR-615 in late November 2009 - but wasn't able to try using it until after Christmas. Configuring it was a NIGHTMARE - and then when I got it configured, I unplugged it to move it to where I wanted to install it and it died. Only the power light lit. Even the Ethernet ports were dead. After this and frustrations with other D-Link products in the past, I'm staying away from the company.
—Guest Richard Conto

Forget Linksys, Netgear, all wireless

I bought Linksys and Netgear - they are very difficult to understand. All the companies need to do is write a short explanation about the firewalls and how these connections are intended to work. Instead, both Linksys and Netgear are infuriating. We finally just began using Ethernet - with cords stretched all over the place for each laptop user (four of them).This is easier than trying to figure the wireless that works at times and then does not.
—Guest Svenrulz

Linksys WRT300N return

I bought Linksys WRT300N and installed, but it didn't work. I called customer service and spent more than a lot of time every time and had to call them 3-4 times. One day it worked, then the next day it didn't work. I finally gave up and returned it to Costco. I still don't know why it didn't work properly. One time, they charged me $9.99 for help! I strongly recommend not to buy this unless you have good knowledge and could handle any problem by yourself.
—Guest jay

Belkin misses on performance

I got this router and am sorry. It has very poor range and drops out frequently. My -G router was far better in range and reliability.
—Guest Ken Cook

Ranger a recommended product

I personally use the RANGER -N router and it is perfect for my needs. More importantly, I called up the service staff a few days ago and they were great with their service.
—Guest Natalie Lee

D-Link Range Booster 650 crash issues

I have regular lock-ups when more than one wireless client (Windows Vista) tries to log in after sleep/hibernate. Some message brings down the router. Only off/on power cycle or router reboot helps. No newer software since 2007 - the product is not supported any more.

D-Link Range Booster 650 owner

My router and network: D-Link Range Booster 650, with wireless adapter cards in each machine except the laptop.
—Guest jim taylor

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