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Readers Respond: How Wireless Affects Your Health

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Some people speculate that prolonged exposure to wireless network devices can cause memory loss or other brain damage. A few schools have even banned use of Wi-Fi networking due to health concerns. Scientific studies, however, have been inconclusive. Is it some kind of conspiracy by the wireless industry to keep basic research from being done? Or is there no real problem to be found. One thing is for certain: Many people have strong opinions on both sides. What Do You Think?

Measure it (with a meter)

You can purchase a TriField meter and measure your Wifi microwaves. It is not a constant heavy barrage as you're thinking. It has a pulse, with a higher amount now and then. See the number of satellites (there are 2,465 artificial satellites) beaming toward Earth and reaching towers that find us in basements through concrete walls. Rest easier about your Wifi in comparison. However, buy the TriField meter and measure it yourself. I did. Measure your microwave oven, for example. Having said these things, I turned off the Wifi that's closest to the bedrooms. I use it only when I need it and then I unplug it; however, its energy really is minimal. You can see these things for yourself with the meter. I don't sell the thing, but I've used it and it's the only way you'll know for sure. It's minimal cost could be well worth a good night's sleep and fewer headaches. Best wishes, and God bless.
—Guest Tomatillo

Uses Wi-Fi routers without the Wi-Fi

I'm also sensitive to Wifi devices. I have a Wifi router, so I turned the Wifi function off and just use the Ethernet cable and connect to the network port. Seems to help.
—Guest carlito

You must be joking

I've never had any of these problems. I've had the same sleep issues since I was a teen, and we had 56k dial-up then. I didn't have a cell phone, and I didn't have a cordless. Seriously, you read something, you start searching for symptoms. The only dangers you'll encounter are from being too close to your cell phone and cordless for long periods of time. The people tested for these things are not the average users. They don't live their lives without these things strapped onto them in some place or another. Since I've had wireless devices, my colds have lessened. Miracle cure? I think not. Coincidence? Very much so.
—Guest Abe

This is dangerous

In my house, we turn our router off at night. It works perfectly. I would highly recommend doing this. Also i know that this is more real and dangerus then tar sands oil. Believe it or not, if we humans don't smarten up about these things, we might not make it very longer. We have to try and use less technology and less wireless... mouses, Internet, smart boards, iPhones. Even try to use wired game controllers for your Xbox and Playstation. i know that sounds like a drag, but i do it and it works. Stop doing the path of least resistance and stop making life as comfortable as possible and start making good choices.
—Guest Jimmy mc.Jim

Cell phone towers

Rogers has recently built a cell phone tower in my neighbourhood. It has been killing me. I hate it. I've had massive headaches ever since. People need to be more educated on this topic and try to reduce their usage of wireless.
—Guest Jimmy mc. Jim Jim

It affects me

Hi all, I had just started using Wifi in my room to download and watch videos. Within a day of doing so, I began having a severe headache that was in my temples, like a pressure and along my forehead. I also have been feeling an electrical current like feeling in my body which turns to tingles. I also struggle to get to sleep more, vision gets worse too, definitely affected by Wifi.
—Guest Guest N

The power of suggestion?

Sorry for this point of view: Maybe people are reading all suggestions above and typing their own negative point of view. By reading all these comments I am now feeling little sick. I thought maybe Wifi was affecting me also?! Maybe... .
—Guest Guest


I don't really know what to believe, but the truth is that after I bought my WiFi router, I've had headaches. Whenever I turn it off, the pain seems to go away, and my head doesn't get hot anymore. So, whether it's due to that router or something else, I will turn it off whenever I don't need it, especially when I go to sleep.
—Guest guest

Wifi may be killing me

Our bedroom has a Wifi router with 2 PCs. Our kids each have a laptop and PC in their rooms. When I ask my husband to please turn the Wifi off at night, he gets angry. I would say I can definitely feel EMR and I believe we are being microwaved. When my laptop is too close to my body my right ovary aches. I have swollen neck lymph nodes. My husband recently moved our router to a more prominent spot. I am exhausted now, can't focus, and my thyroid seems to be visibly enlarged. Is this all in my head? I seriously doubt it. I'm wary to divorce due to apartment Wifi and wary to see a doc due to continued radiation. I do believe some people's body energy fields are more susceptible than others. Anyone know if it's okay to unplug/turn off a Wifi router at night? [Ed.: Yes, it is OK.] My husband finally said I could, but that I would have to fix it if something stopped working.
—Guest Ivy

Unable to sleep

I had a problem: I was waking up after 2 hours of leaving my Wifi on and I can't sleep anymore. I feel so sleepy, but something makes me unable to.
—Guest Mohamed

Since I started reading these posts

Since I've started reading about what people post here, especially those from little girls, my head starts aching, and my mood changes from normal to a feeling of shame. It's almost certain that most of the people who posted their complaints are overweight and unhealthy due to bad eating, overindulging and shoving anything down their trap.
—Guest Guest

Wi-Fi sickness is very real

It's affected my life considerably over the last year, since we moved home. I get headaches, dizziness and nausea when near to routers. I get strange sensations through my teeth, jaw and nose when I drive past these new masts that are popping up everywhere across the city. My family now believes me, since they've seen how the colour drains from my face when I'm really close to routers. But my GP just sniggered throughout our discussion. I've never had any illness prior to this, and exercise regularly, eat well, BMI of 21, so its not due to any other deficiency. Can't wait for you non believers to start suffering!
—Guest Ivan

WiFi in the home - issues

I've experienced deep sleep when I accidentally leave my Wi-Fi on overnight. It's almost like I can't wake myself up. When I use my laptop in the bed with it resting on my lap, my legs began to tingle like pins are being stuck in them. I truly believe that there is a dangerous amount of radiation being transmitted in my home with WiFi connected. So, I turn it off at night and I'm going to buy a jump drive for Internet connection.
—Guest Guest EJ

My router is doing something (to me)

I believe 100% that my wireless router has been doing something to my body the past year. I feel in my brain electrical charges, very small ones, and I don't sleep properly. I turn it off and - voilà - sleeping the past week like a baby. Out the window with the router - not joking!
—Guest Ricky

Don't let facts change your mind

I will say that wireless does affect me. I work in the IT field and deploy AP stations and I also have Wi-fi in my house. I first noticed issues when using a cordless phone for more than 10 minutes, my ear would physically become warm and my head would ache. Next comes the cell phone, same sensation. Also, my hand would ache after holding it for several minutes (even in the morning when snoozing its alarm clock, just holding it would make my hand ache.) One time I moved my Wi-fi router 3 feet from my head, and I instantly could feel pressure (like when using noise cancelling headphones) on my head and my eyes could not focus. I tried to rule it as a placebo affect, but reality is sometime simply reality. I now turn off the Wi-fi until I need it and all computers in the house are hard wired, even laptops. Wireless is in the 2.4GHz range, just like a microwave oven; the only difference is location and power. However, exposure time time can be equal increased output.
—Guest no3gods

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How Wireless Affects Your Health

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