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Readers Respond: How Wireless Affects Your Health

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Some people speculate that prolonged exposure to wireless network devices can cause memory loss or other brain damage. A few schools have even banned use of Wi-Fi networking due to health concerns. Scientific studies, however, have been inconclusive. Is it some kind of conspiracy by the wireless industry to keep basic research from being done? Or is there no real problem to be found. One thing is for certain: Many people have strong opinions on both sides.

All wireless not the same

There are certain frequencies which cause symptoms. Read up on mind control.
—Guest Stephen

Measure it (with a meter)

You can purchase a TriField meter and measure your Wifi microwaves. It is not a constant heavy barrage as you're thinking. It has a pulse, with a higher amount now and then. See the number of satellites (there are 2,465 artificial satellites) beaming toward Earth and reaching towers that find us in basements through concrete walls. Rest easier about your Wifi in comparison. However, buy the TriField meter and measure it yourself. I did. Measure your microwave oven, for example. Having said these things, I turned off the Wifi that's closest to the bedrooms. I use it only when I need it and then I unplug it; however, its energy really is minimal. You can see these things for yourself with the meter. I don't sell the thing, but I've used it and it's the only way you'll know for sure. It's minimal cost could be well worth a good night's sleep and fewer headaches. Best wishes, and God bless.
—Guest Tomatillo

Uses Wi-Fi routers without the Wi-Fi

I'm also sensitive to Wifi devices. I have a Wifi router, so I turned the Wifi function off and just use the Ethernet cable and connect to the network port. Seems to help.
—Guest carlito

You must be joking

I've never had any of these problems. I've had the same sleep issues since I was a teen, and we had 56k dial-up then. I didn't have a cell phone, and I didn't have a cordless. Seriously, you read something, you start searching for symptoms. The only dangers you'll encounter are from being too close to your cell phone and cordless for long periods of time. The people tested for these things are not the average users. They don't live their lives without these things strapped onto them in some place or another. Since I've had wireless devices, my colds have lessened. Miracle cure? I think not. Coincidence? Very much so.
—Guest Abe

Wireless and radiation - common sense

Wireless radio signals use different wave lengths which from common sense are harmless. I use a laptop and I haven't experienced any issues. And to the guy who posted about having a pain in the testicle: You must have been sitting wrong. I use a laptop every day and my testicles never hurt in any way.
—Guest thatguy

How much data do we need?

Should we force our children to use wi-fi when their is no long term studies carried out? If its true that it harms rats and changes some peoples heart rate, than this should be more than enough reason to not use wi-fi, especially in schools.
—Guest Murray

Ex wireless technician says....

I repaired radio for 30 years and I am convinced that those waves can be harmful. Even recently I was using a lap top and I started having pain in one testicle which continued to a couple of weeks until I stopped using the lap top in that position.
—Guest Aubrey Brown

Why are we continuing to use Wi-Fi?

Since it has been confirmed that it has side effects, we should stop using it.
—Guest RASAQ

Focusing on exposure dangers, warnings

I was glad to see that 3 or 4 of the articles was related to exposure...not use while driving or whatever. I would like to know about the risks of WiFi and cell usage... from the EXPOSURE aspect. Common sense dictates the rest.
—Guest mike-nw indiana

Wi-Fi is harmful but also useful

In modern life it is essential to use Wi-Fi wireless systems. We can't avoid this, but we can restrict its use. We can make people aware by lots of campaigning that wireless systems are very harmful.

It's not about the wireless signals

I am sure WiFi is dangerous. But it isn't very much so compared to CELL PHONES. These things can kill. Just watch what happens to a car driven by a crazed cell phoner. Just watch, but do not get anywhere near it. It can cause death to all those in the vicinity. I'm glad you gave everyone a chance to learn about the serious dangers of cell phones. These dangers do decrease with distance. Like being miles away from anyone with a cell phone in use in car. Oh you want to know about the dangerous waves? Sorry, I am more concerned about the traffic accidents. Scientists should get their heads on straight, do something useful, and measure the right thing for a change.
—Guest Computerist

What do the experts say?

People have been to various parts of the universe (to the moon and elsewhere in space). Where are they now and what is their health condition? Can anyone out there who poses to be a guru or technology or scientific expert shed light on this delicate but serious topic?
—Guest Adamant

It's not about the network

Yes, I am sure the electronic soup we are all exposed to daily does affect our health, especially long term. But guess what? It pales in comparison to the human stupidity factor. Cell phones have been found to be (you cannot doubt this one) MUCH more dangerous than any wired phone affixed to a wall. It takes only ONE traffic fatality to prove that. And there are MANY. So, the main danger of cell phones lies in their use on the highway. And any other place (work) where your attention is drawn from your main activity. Simply put, the danger from radiation is there, but it's about 10 beelllion times less than the danger from the male/female next to you doing 80 mph while talking (texting? I can't believe real people do that) on the cell. Put them IN a cell. Thank you for listening. (Actually, reading. Hopefully not on your mobile or laptop in your car.)
—Guest Mr. Knowitall

All things in moderation

There are millions of youth using mobiles over extended periods. Maybe this group will be the statistical control group - yes or no?
—Guest acheon

Radiation Is A Concern

In the cell phone studies I have seen, virtually all of the larger, independent ones have found reason for concern, whereas the cell-phone company sponsored studies have found the opposite. How can that be called inconclusive? That's like saying that if the members of a gang all said their fellow-gang-member was in Oklahoma during a shooting, when a handful of unlrelated witnesses I.D.'d this gang person at the crime scene committing the crime, just before the body was found, then the court would somehow find this inconclusive. The court would immediately find the individual guilty so long as several witnesses with no "dogs in the fight" corroborated one-another. We've got to recognize that testimony from a non-biased witness is immensely superior to that of one with a vested interest in a case. It is possible that such a person could be truthful, but it is much, much, much less reliable, esp. as a means of making an important, life-changing decision. Use non-biased witnesses.
—Guest john m

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