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Readers Respond: Do you want to use two routers on your home network?

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5 routers on one home network (so far)

I have five routers on my home network, purely for the amount of connections I need and to distribute the Internet and network around my home. It cuts down on the amount of cabling needed to get network access everywhere, and all the routers are ones that I have got from previous ISPs - seemed pointless buying new ones when I had old ones hanging around doing nothing. Bought a decent router to replace the cheap one my current ISP provided and also to get N wireless. This router connects to the wan through my ISP, provides my wireless network and connects to the other routers. I have the other routers in other rooms. All my LAN IPs are static, I set up the IPs on all other routers as if they were computers and tell them the gateway is the IP of the wan connected router. They are simply connected together by an ethernet cable from ethernet port to ethernet port. Totally ignore any other ports on the secondary routers.
—Guest Broddr

To get longer range

Plugging in the secondary router using a normal lan port instead of a wan port works great. Then setting the router to use a different range of IPs makes sure DHCP causes no conflicts. Works great.
—Guest Eric

Reducing wireless signals for the kids

I have three small children in my two level house. I'm not positive that wireless poses health concerns in children, but I'm going to fault on the side of caution. So I have my main modem and router upstairs. I'm running a Mac and Apple TV downstairs on Trendnet powerline network adapters, but with the wireless router upstairs the signal is weak downstairs as well it is closer to the bed rooms. So I would like to run my wireless router downstairs from one more powerline adapter. I know this complicates things, but it should be possible.
—Guest Islander

Needed to disable DHCP and use a cable

I tried it the way philip mcmullin wrote, but it doesn't work. I needed to connect the wireless router with a LAN connection to the first router (with DHCP) and switch off DHCP in the wireless router. Now the wireless one is a switch with antennas. As long as the wireless router is using its WAN connector it does not work for me.
—Guest DeMus

A simple approach to avoid IP conflicts

I found it easier to change my first modem to and the second in line stayed default As long as the 3rd value is different in the main IP address, conflicts are impossible. You don't have to disable the DHCP server. That's all I had to change to enable a Netgear and a Linksys to work properly together.
—Guest philip mcmullin

Connecting a non-wireless TV to the Net

I wanted to connect my non wireless TV set to stream movies from Internet. It works like a charm. Thank you so much Mitchell.
—Guest Angel

To extend Wi-Fi network range

I am wanting two Wi-Fi routers be linked in order to extend the range.
—Guest John Dawson

Thank you, thank you, thank you

This is awesome. I work as a designer and have extremely large files. I work downstairs during the day and upstairs at night. I only have 2 bars on my Airport [router connection] upstairs most nights... if I'm lucky I get three. I plugged in my second router and I now can get 100% Airport capability. Extremely useful. Was sick of waiting 30mins to open large files or 5 to find files off my server. Best thing I have read this week!!!
—Guest CmbDesignStudio

Yes! 2nd router extends wireless range

Using two routers on one modem to extend range is surprisingly simple. Just use an ethernet cable to connect the second router to the first. Make sure that the "higher" router [n or g] is the one cabled to the modem and the "lower" router [g or b] is then cabled to the first router. If both are the same it won't matter. You can use a longer ethernet cable snaked through a pipe hole or fished through the wall to then set up the second router on a different floor or in a different room for wider coverage. Our Wii's would not work with the new Cisco Valet Plus n router, but now with the old Linksys WRK54G g router connected to the Cisco Valet, I can connect the Wii's to Linksys while other devices are connected to the Cisco and have no problem. I think that the routers should be operating on different channels, but someone more knowledgable can verify that.
—Guest Berksgal


Yes - I want two Wi-Fi routers. Thanks very much for asking.
—Guest Pedro

Wireless Linux

I'm trying to put my Linux box on my wireless network, but it's a pain since there are no native Linux USB wireless adapter drivers that I can find. I have a wireless network, but I want to add a 2nd router/access point so I can cable the Linux box to that and have it connect wirelessly to the other router which is attached to the cable modem. Gonna give it a try, at least :)
—Guest khaldac

Second router for VOIP phone service

I have a package deal which includes an AU/KDDI VOIP phone connected to a special router. (See http://asahi-net.jp/en/service/hikarione/tel.html). It costs an additional monthly fee for turning on the wireless feature, so I use my current wireless router for that instead.
—Guest BobJones

To connect both PS3 and PS2

The PS3 (game console) is wireless and the PS2 is not. I want to connect the main router to another router to put PS2 on the same network, so I don't have a long net cable running through the house. The wireless main router is Cisco and has a cable Internet connection. The other has a Ethernet connection and is a Linksys.

Improves my range

My first router covers the house. The second is configured as an access point and covers my shed, and is linked to the first via cable.
—Guest Peter

One for Internet only devices

I want one wireless router for my laptop and 2 desktops as part of my home network. I want another wireless router for just the ipod, Xbox, etc. I don't want these to be part of the network, only to connect to the Internet. Haven't set this all up yet, though, as I'm not sure if it is possible.
—Guest Shelly9633

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