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Readers Respond: Ways to Hide IP Addresses for Anonymous Web Surfing

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Numerous Internet proxy servers offer anonymous Web browsing capability. Accessing Web sites via these proxies hides your public IP address from Web servers, helping to protect your identity online. Anonymizing proxies often work as designed, but the approach suffers from some inherent technical limitations. As an alternative, some people install special programs on their computers that also can hide their IP address (and other identifying information) through the local software instead of relying on an external server.

Do you use an anonymizing proxy and/or utility program to hide your IP? Which one(s)?

What Method Do You Use?

We all use an ISP - it has logs...

Always been confused, but surely, in the end, we all must connect to the Net via a service provider (ISP). Surely it has server logs, yes? Basically, what real 'hiding' functionality do any of the previous comments suggestions provide? Would not BigBrother (or any clever hacker?, or..) firstly start inspecting ISP logs?
—Guest WhatAboutTheISP

VPN is the best advice

I agree that VPN is the most reliable and safe solution to hide a real IP address. I use vpn-account.com to hide my IP, and it works fine.
—Guest Ann

MAC Address - Hide IP is Worthless

If someone wants you, they have you by tracing your MAC Address. The only way around this is to keep changing your network card. Hide IP is worthless!
—Guest Gregg

Gaming banned need new IP

I had my IP banned by a game I play (too many accounts). I need a way for that server to see a new IP for me to sign on and play now. What can do that? Ive tried the hidemyip trash and it doesn't change anything.

Hide My IP - is trash

First the download FORCE installs the ask.com toolbar. The cancel button is disabled (they even brag about this...dump the set-up file and see for yourself). Ask.com tracks everything you do online and although the Hide my IP program is "marginally" effective at hiding ip addresses (this depends on the proxy server they route your connection through-not all are anonymous and few are screened=trouble because the proxy server sees ALL of your traffic that passes through it...think! They could be run by criminals or govt or bot net); plus the cookies that the toolbar saves during your browsing sessions are NOT encrypted and easily accessed. BTW those cookies have much more personal info than your ip. Passwords, credit card numbers, browsing history, and yes some have ip addresses. Pay for a reputable VPN service if you want legitimate anonymity; if your intentions are less than innocent, even a paid VPN subscription won't protect you.
—Guest Whistle Thrower

hidemyipaddress.org is a nag

Fine...if you don't mind nag screens with every single solitary mouse click and does not work if you open another tab or page in your browser.
—Guest doc

VPN vs Proxy

Please I want everyone to volunteer and comment on my title as I want to decide from your responses which I will go for. My aim is to be able to hide my IP address from site administrators of every site I visit. My mind tells me VPN will be a better solution. I want to know if you think differently. Thanks guys.
—Guest Val


i use the FreeHideIP softwares....install is very easy.
—Guest alure

Skeptical that these things work

I can't believe that it is possible to really hide IP addresses.
—Guest Abdul Qayyum


I have been using Hide IP NG (Next Generation) for two years.
—Guest out2late

I use a proxy

I use a proxy to hide my public IP address.... to access certain sites only.
—Guest Caroline

Good for teasing friends?

I've been teased by a lot of my friends and I want to know that what to do to get my revenge.
—Guest ummar

I use a VPN

It definitely is possible to completely hide your IP... you need a VPN, proxies are also OK but VPNs are much more reliable and route all of your traffic through the VPN server. I personally use myvpncloud.com for my VPN provider.
—Guest Alex

VPN does actually hide your IP

I use myvpncloud.com, its a VPN service instead of proxy service which virtually replaces your IP with the server's IP.
—Guest Ron

A virtual private network

VPN is the best solution. There are many different providers.
—Guest george

What Method Do You Use?

Ways to Hide IP Addresses for Anonymous Web Surfing

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