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Readers Respond: Which P2P Client Do You Use, and Why

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Peer to Peer (P2P) is one of the most popular technologies on the Internet for file sharing. Many popular software programs called P2P clients allow searching and transferring files over these P2P networks. Some P2P clients and networks may offer faster download speed, better stability, a nicer user interface or other qualities you are looking for in a software application. Some may also be missing important features or suffer from serious technical glitches.

This page contains feedback from our readers explaining which P2P client they use, and why.

Try this (advice from a pro)

1st hide your surfing from your ISP with a Free or Paid CyberGhost account. P2P is NOT allowed from USA servers-Canada is the closes to USA. 2nd try using Tixati as your client. 3rd sign up for a Demonoid account make sure the one you click on ends in ph. Registrations are open for new users which is usually by invite by members when they shut off. Demonoid is back on line now after being down for a long time. 4th try using a torrent search engine with 28 torrents listed such as TorrentPond, you can search multi torrents from one site till you find what you looking for. 5th for verified torrents try TorrentBox click on the one that ends sx, is a torrent site that provides fast torrent search and download. Get rid of fakes, spam, virus infected or password protected torrent files - on TorrentBox you'll find only verified files. 6th set your homepage as ixquick.com and change it's filters in settings and stop using other search engines like the major ones.
—Guest Cocobit


I have been using uTorrent, Bittorrent and many other Torrent clients for years. uTorrent is the best I have found till date. But it hardly depends on the client. If you have got a good torrent to download, the downloading speed is almost same in every client.
—Guest Gurleen Singh Thind

LimeWire is dead

LimeWire is now in a MAJOR lawsuit for their upload and download infringements, and big brother is trying to get the program shut down.
—Guest tuitch 95


I use Vuze. It's pretty good, no lag and most files I want r on there.
—Guest Memines

Utorrent was great, until...

I used to use Utorrent, which was great. Then I started getting emails from my ISP about downloading illegal files. The only problem with that was my PC was in the shop both times. I had to change my Network id and password 6 times in the past year. I am now petrified to download anything.
—Guest fyredawn

Greedy, Nasty RIAA

I'm in the same predicament: trying to find the best P2P since Limewire went. I can say stay away from LimeWire Turbo. The files are fake, containing lectures about how your downloading music , when you're too poor to buy it, is illegal and you're bad bad bad. I gave them thousands of $ over the years for CDs for maybe 2 good songs on each and it's enough. Art should be for all. So anyway, rant aside, my search continues for a better P2P. More suggestions people?
—Guest Lenoir

Aarrrrr... - Pirate Bay is the way 2 go

In my experience, Pirate Bay is the best p2p site going. Ease of use - never got a virus - and they let downloaders leave comments. Just by reading a few of these comments, you can tell if the torrent is bulls%!* . Once you establish a rapport with one of the more prominent uploaders, they'll usually have what you're lookin' for. I suggest however you first download Miro, and from there you can download Pirate Bay. Good luck and enjoy, but most of all be careful!
—Guest aidensdad

Still looking for a better network

Since LimeWire got shut down, I have also used FrostWire, and it is almost identical to LimeWire. I'm still looking for a better P2P program.
—Guest johnd

BitTorrent has always worked well for me

Bit torrent does it all for me - music, movies etc.
—Guest lilleyen

Not sure which ones are legal anymore

I am scared to death to download music from P2P sites since so many people seem to get in trouble for doing so (even though it is P2P!).
—Guest Ashley

It's a matter of personal choice

I have been in the same predicament as many here. Limewire had its downsides, but it is all I have used since Napster was forced to change, and I really enjoyed Limewire. Now I am stuck trying to find the "best" p2p software merely to be met with disappointment. The best I have ran into so far is Shareaza, however unless you really know what you're doing it is difficult to regulate bandwidths, queue positions, etc to make the software behave as you wish at maximum potential. Tried Vuze, Bearshare, and a few others but none really matched the standard I became accustomed to with Limewire. It would make it much easier to find the best p2p software if so many download sites weren't flooded w/ B.S. reviews merely to push their product. For the most part Id have to say the best is for the most part up to the person. Depending on what files, features you want incorporated into the software. I'm trying find out about a new p2p called "Anubis."
—Guest DarkExiztance

LimeWire is shut down

I am an old guy here and I need some help with getting mp3 music from the internet to burn to disc for my own enjoyment. Seems like the last 4 so called free mp3 music companies i have tried have all wanted money after using them for a lil while....I feel like Big Brother has taken over the Internet .....Wish I had the knowledge you young people have to know what to do here.
—Guest cliff cartwright

Problems with them all

SHAREAZA sucks for my needs. LIMEWIRE used to be OK but has gotten filled with fake files that are nothing but advertising or worse. ARES works well for me but is slow. I'm going to try another P2P...maybe BIT TORRENT. I'll let you know how it works out.
—Guest BigFuzzyBear

BitTorrent - easy to use

Because BitTorrent has got the simplest interface and I am comfortable with it.
—Guest humanbot

I've tried (some of) them, and...

So far, Limewire seems to be the best...both from a software point of view and speed. However, it seems to me a little limited in it's available files...not as good as Ares which I also use. Ares has good software but it's speed is slower and it doesn't seem to have as much 'umph' in getting me files. Shareaza has (for my interests) limited utility and is not too fast either. Just my 2 cents
—Guest FuzzyBear

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