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Readers Respond: Which P2P Client Do You Use, and Why

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Peer to Peer (P2P) is one of the most popular technologies on the Internet for file sharing. Many popular software programs called P2P clients allow searching and transferring files over these P2P networks. Some P2P clients and networks may offer faster download speed, better stability, a nicer user interface or other qualities you are looking for in a software application. Some may also be missing important features or suffer from serious technical glitches.

This page contains feedback from our readers explaining which P2P client they use, and why.

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I have been using uTorrent, Bittorrent and many other Torrent clients for years. uTorrent is the best I have found till date. But it hardly depends on the client. If you have got a good torrent to download, the downloading speed is almost same in every client.
—Guest Gurleen Singh Thind

Threats not trouble

I've been downloading free software and music and movies for years. I notice a lot of people are saying they are scared. Have you known anyone that really got in trouble for downloading free content? Has everyone read the first sale doctrine? Just don't sell digital content. Right now is the best time to download free content - sharing content right now is not really illegal because the right laws have not been made to stop it. I was in the army for the past 8 years, believe me or don't. If the government wants to shut down your site, they will. You could do everything you read about privacy, and they can get you if they want. But that would cost money, and we are at war. I know you can go online and watch a couple 100 hajji video's. but the amount of sites we shut down is over 14 billion when I left in 2008. The average repeater had his site up for 41 min. Don't worry right now. Why do you think they started adding 3 dvd's (1 digital and able to upload) when you buy one at a retail store? Get what u can.
—Guest JimmyT

Ares downloading with Spanish ads

Ares has probably started doing this. Music seems to be okay, but if you are after video, you can DL the video but will be stopped in your tracks with the above ad.
—Guest SilverGhost

utorrent (Bittorrent) a waste of time

I tried utorrent, but it led me to a bunch of sites that want me to buy a subscription. Totally wasted a huge amount of time trying to find files.
—Guest Art

I've used Frostwire for years until...

My ISP started shutting down my Internet because of my "illegal downloading of files." I had NEVER heard of that actually happening for real...until it happened to me. My Internet has been shut down 8 times now over the past year, for things I downloaded 3 years ago. I finally had to uninstall Frostwire, but am curious to know if I'll get caught just as easily if I use a different P2P program. I'm scared to even try.
—Guest kahealani

They all have limitations

So far, Limewire seems to be the best...both from a software point of view and speed. However, it seems to me a little limited in it's available files...not as good as Ares which I also use. Ares has good software but it's speed is slower and it doesn't seem to have as much 'umph' in getting me files. Shareaza has (for my interests) limited utility and is not too fast either. Just my 2 cents
—Guest liya

Still liking Ares

You guys should use Ares. I've had no problems with it, and it has almost any file.
—Guest nate the great


I download anything I want, illegal or not. I don't care, and I'm not afraid. I live in Mexico and my ISP can't do anything about it.... .
—Guest Punisher

Xunlei may work for you

Xunlei is a P2P client software popular in China. You can find all kinds of resources over this app despite the fact that is faces many copyright infringement..
—Guest Angli Liu

LimeWire is dead

LimeWire is now in a MAJOR lawsuit for their upload and download infringements, and big brother is trying to get the program shut down.
—Guest tuitch 95


I use Vuze. It's pretty good, no lag and most files I want r on there.
—Guest Memines

Utorrent was great, until...

I used to use Utorrent, which was great. Then I started getting emails from my ISP about downloading illegal files. The only problem with that was my PC was in the shop both times. I had to change my Network id and password 6 times in the past year. I am now petrified to download anything.
—Guest fyredawn

Greedy, Nasty RIAA

I'm in the same predicament: trying to find the best P2P since Limewire went. I can say stay away from LimeWire Turbo. The files are fake, containing lectures about how your downloading music , when you're too poor to buy it, is illegal and you're bad bad bad. I gave them thousands of $ over the years for CDs for maybe 2 good songs on each and it's enough. Art should be for all. So anyway, rant aside, my search continues for a better P2P. More suggestions people?
—Guest Lenoir

Aarrrrr... - Pirate Bay is the way 2 go

In my experience, Pirate Bay is the best p2p site going. Ease of use - never got a virus - and they let downloaders leave comments. Just by reading a few of these comments, you can tell if the torrent is bulls%!* . Once you establish a rapport with one of the more prominent uploaders, they'll usually have what you're lookin' for. I suggest however you first download Miro, and from there you can download Pirate Bay. Good luck and enjoy, but most of all be careful!
—Guest aidensdad

Still looking for a better network

Since LimeWire got shut down, I have also used FrostWire, and it is almost identical to LimeWire. I'm still looking for a better P2P program.
—Guest johnd

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Which P2P Client Do You Use, and Why

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