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Readers Respond: Good (and Bad) Student Projects in Computer Networking

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Are you a student looking for ideas on computer networking term projects? An instructor looking for suggestions to offer their class? School projects in networking may involve areas like
  • design - determining optimal configurations and tuning for different types of networks
  • performance - measuring network speed under varying conditions
  • security - assessing the effectiveness of techniques to protect networks from attack
Some projects seem like good ideas at the time but turn out later to be a disaster. Share your suggestions for any student projects you recommend avoiding as well as those you think are worthwhile. Share Your Ideas

Network speed

I was given measuring network speed under varying conditions as my project topic but couldn't find my way around it.

B/w segregation between voice and data

Hi Concerns ...If some one want to make a small call centre: 1. they have 4mbps link 2. they required 4mbps link segregated between voice and data. 3. they have Cisco 1911 router 4. they have one Dlink switch. [the goal is] to configure the bandwidth between voice and data... .
—Guest Raj Singh

Creating a Web server

Setting up your own Web server such as Apache is a great way to learn more about networking and IT as a whole.
—Guest Dave

Creating a Web site

I found it difficult to create the Web site even when am guided. It was too hard for me.
—Guest Alishia

Voice sensors and protocols

Ideas for making phone calls on mobiles through Bluetooth without paying any charges. I would like to create a new protocol i.e avoid all problems of TCP UDP.
—Guest talhanawaz

Utilizing a cable modem for free

I live in an area where there is a great need for cheap and fast internet access. So carrying out a project on cable modem would be a great idea... .
—Guest Benhail Chi

To get IP addresses of Web sites

It is better for you to learn how figure out the IP address of any kind of Web site and their problems, if any... .
—Guest Ikpa Azubuike

Protocol projects

(Such as) how to make a new protocol like HTTP, FTP etc.

Security advice of hackers

I thought that if we meet a great hacker, we can secure our email, web site, social accounts, etc. Because hackers know how to hack email, for example, they also know how to save email accounts from hackers. So my dear friends if you meet any hacker, try to learn from them for security purposes (but don't learn how to hack an account).

Database of troubleshooting in networks

I would like to collect all the common errors and problems that occur in networking, As its plays an important role for an network administrator.
—Guest riya

A network design project

Hi, my name is Rajaram, i'm doing a course on networking, and had a project with the following description... Requirements • At least 50 PCs • At least two different rooms separated by floors or more than 100 Meters • At least 10 PCs requiring higher speed networking • At least 10 WAN connected PCs • At least one server • Security / Cost / Speed / (Pick at least 2 as Major/Minor considerations) • All cabling/media considerations • All connectivity device considerations • At least one variation/alternative • Cost is always an issue (be able to justify expenses)
—Guest raja777m

Numerical algorithms

A suggestion - Numerical Algorithms for parallel computers using C or C++ programming.

Computer Networking Engineering

I have been into the field and found [networking] very helpful to every body all over the nation. With the help of this [technology], IT people can communicate all over the world.

Creating a Web site

I'd like to create a Web site that serves as a shopping platform for all the products produced by a particular organisation.

New network protocol design

I would like to create new protocol i.e avoids all problems of TCP UDP
—Guest Vikram

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Good (and Bad) Student Projects in Computer Networking

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