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Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Networking

The Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360 video game consoles support either wired Ethernet or wireless connections to home networks and the Xbox Live Internet service for online games.

What Is Xbox?
The Xbox is a modern video game console produced by Microsoft. Xbox consoles feature Ethernet connections for home networking, LAN parties, and online gaming across the Internet.

Connect Xbox and Xbox 360 Game Consoles to a Wireless Router
Xbox game consoles can be connected wirelessly to a WiFi network router. Follow these instructions to set up the Xbox for wireless home networking.

Network Troubleshooting the Xbox 360
Unfortunately, your home network connection to Xbox Live may fail to work for various reasons. This article describes Xbox 360 troubleshooting procedures for networking to Xbox Live.

Top Xbox 360 Wireless Network Connection Problems and Fixes
Based on input from our readers, these are common problems people face making Xbox 360 wireless network connections work. These suggestions should help you solve them.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter
The WiFi network adapter Microsoft produces for its Xbox 360 is stylish, but it isn't cheap. Owners of the Xbox 360 wireless network adapter generally consider it reliable, fast and easy to setup.

Problems Connecting an Xbox to a Wireless Router
Have you had trouble connecting an Xbox 360 to Xbox Live? It only takes a few minutes to connect a game console to a wireless home network if everything works right the first time. Unfortunately, any small mistake or technical glitch often leads to big trouble. Our readers share their stories here.

Do USB Wireless Network Adapters Work On Xbox?
Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360 game consoles all feature USB ports for connecting peripherals like racing wheels or a camera. Many Wi-Fi wireless network adapters also connect via USB, but is it really possible to set up a USB network adapter to work on an Xbox console?

Will Your Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter Also Work on a Computer?
Only certain types of wireless network adapters for the Xbox 360 will work on an ordinary computer. We explain which ones work, and why.

What Is Xbox Live?
Xbox Live is Microsoft's multi-player online gaming service for the Xbox and Xbox 360.

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