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Internet Protocol Tutorial Home

This is the start page for our Internet Protocol Basics Tutorial.
→ Want to dive in to content immediately? See IP Addressing Tutorial
→ Think you already know it all? Test out on our IP Practice Exam

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Internet Protocol Course - Outline

Below is outline of the lesson plan. Each lesson contains articles and other references that explain the basics of IP networking. We recommend completing these lessons in the order listed.

Lesson 1 - IP Address Notation

What IP addresses look like
→ Find your IP address on Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
→ Vocabulary - bits and bytes, octet
→ Extra credit - Who invented Internet Protocol?

Lesson 2 - Static and Dynamic IP Addressing

What is DHCP?
→ Release and renew your IP address on Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP/2000/NT
→ Vocabulary - APIPA, ISP
→ Extra credit - About Windows Internet Connection Sharing

Lesson 3 - Network Naming for IP

Introduction to DNS
What is WINS?
Introduction to Ping
→ Vocabulary - DDNS, IANA, ICMP
→ Extra credit - What is the Ping of Death?

Lesson 4 - The IP Address Space

The IP address space
IP special and private addresses
IP network numbering
→ Vocabulary - LAN, WLAN, intranet
→ Extra credit - What is peer-to-peer networking?

Lesson 5 - IP Subnetting

What is a subnet?
How to subnet (parts 1 and 2)
→ Vocabulary - router, CIDR
→ Extra credit - CIDR tutorial

Lesson 6 - IP and Hardware Addressing

Introduction to MAC addressing
Introduction to 'winipcfg'
→ Vocabulary - ARP, NAT
About home broadband routers

Lesson 7 - TCP/IP and Related Protocols

What is TCP/IP?
Introduction to UDP
What is FTP?
→ Vocabulary - protocol, HTTP
→ Extra credit - More about FTP clients, servers and tools
→ Extra credit -"TCP/IP Clearly Explained" (review)

Final Exam and Additional Reading

Internet Protocol Practice Exam
Introduction to sockets
Profile of an IP datagram
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