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Definition: is an IP address used relatively infrequently on home networks. Certain few models of broadband router have as their own default address, while on other local networks a router can be configured to issue it to client devices.

Routers Using

Some routers manufactured by Medion use this default IP address.

Automatic Assignment of

Administrators sometimes configure routers having as their default address to use as the starting address of their dynamic IP range. This allows the first client to get an address that ends in an easier-to-remember round number (100) rather than the next address in sequence (2). Alternatively, administrators sometimes configure the router's client IP range as -, leaving available for static assignment.

Manual Assignment of

Computers, game consoles, iPhones and iPads, plus some other devices allow setting an IP address manually. The text "" or the four digits 192, 168, 0 and 100 must be keyed into an IP or Wi-Fi configuration screen on the device. However, simply entering the IP number does not guarantee the device can use it. The local network router must also be configured to include in its IP address range. - Related Addresses

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