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Top Cheap Wireless Routers


These cheap wireless routers allow you to build (or expand) a WiFi home network at a low cost. Look for manufacturer rebates, recently discontinued models, and older 802.11b models when shopping for a cheap wireless router.

1. D-Link DI-524

D-Link DI-524 modem
The DI-524 is a mainstream 802.11g wireless router with modern security features (including WPA encryption support). With rebates, the DI-524 can be purchased for $20 USD or lower.
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2. AirLink AR325W

This 802.11g router is a store brand found only in certain retail and online outlets. Airlink has made the software for this router available as open source, making it popular with technical enthusiasts. AirLink provides a one-year limited warranty for this product.

3. Netgear MR814

The MR814 is a basic 802.11b wireless router that Netgear has discontinued in favor of its b/g model MR614. With its distinctive form factor and reasonably small size, the MR814 is another good value in the secondhand wireless router market.

4. US Robotics USR8054

The USR8054 was first released in 2003, It is known for fast performance and a rich set of firewall and virtual server features that appeal to experienced networkers. As USR has discontinued this wireless router model, budget-conscious shoppers may find a good second-hand deal.

5. Dell TrueMobile 2300

The Dell TrueMobile 2300 contains all the standard features you need in a home broadband wireless router, Buying network gear and computers from the same vendor is a nice added convenience for some. Note, though, the TrueMobile 2300 supports only Windows XP and Windows 2000 PCs. Some owners of the TrueMobile 2300 have claimed installation is difficult, signal range is poor, and product documentation lacks detail. Dell has discontinued this product.

6. Microsoft MN-700 Base Station

The MN-700 was Microsoft's follow-up to their first wireless router product, the MN-500 for 802.11b-only networks. The MN-700 router (called "base station" for marketing purposes) has since been discontinued. However, owners have indicated its signal range is very strong, and the form factor is attractive. One would expect Microsoft's configuration software for the MN-700 to integrate well with their Windows operating system. Consider picking up a MN-700 wireless router if the price is right.

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