1. Technology
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Definition: MIMO is a method of utilizing multiple radio antennas for wireless network communications. Some newer Wi-Fi routers utilize MIMO technology, enhancing their performance compared to single-antenna routers.

MIMO-based Wi-Fi routers utilize the same network protocols and signal ranges that non-MIMO routers do. The MIMO products achieve higher performance by more aggressively transmitting and receiving data over Wi-Fi channels. MIMO signaling technology can increase network bandwidth, range and reliability at the potential cost of interfering with other wireless equipment.

The specific number of antennas utilized in a MIMO Wi-Fi router can vary. Typical MIMO routers contain three or four antennas instead of the single antenna that is standard in all earlier forms of consumer Wi-Fi routers.

MIMO is a key element of the 802.11n Wi-Fi networking standard.

Also Known As: Multiple-Input Multiple-Output

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