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What Is A Travel Router?


Question: What Is A Travel Router?
Answer: A travel router is a category of broadband routers designed to help people connect their mobile devices. Travel routers (also sometimes called mobile routers) typically possess several characteristics that distinguish them from other broadband routers:
  • compact size - Many travel routers are only a few inches (less than 10 cm) in width or height and thin enough to slip into a pocket. Their small size makes them convenient to carry from place to place.

  • battery powered - Good travel routers feature a built-in rechargeable battery that enables the router to be used for at least a few hours without being connected to an electrical outlet.

  • tethering capability - To supply online connectivity when Ethernet or wireless hotspot services aren't available, a travel router shares Internet access via a tethered 3G/4G cell phone. (High-end mobile routers incorporate a built-in cellular modem that eliminates the need for tethering.)

  • Wi-Fi client support - advanced routers can join hotspots as a Wi-Fi client and in turn share that same connection out to other clients via its own built-in access point.

Common Uses for Travel Routers

A mobile router can be used to
  • help a family more conveniently share one paid Internet connection at a hotel
  • allow business travelers to wirelessly share files with each other
  • stay connected while hiking or boating outdoors

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