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Fixing Network Cable Unplugged Errors in Windows


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Question: Fixing Network Cable Unplugged Errors in Windows
If your network is not functioning properly, you may see "A Network Cable Is Unplugged" messages appear repeatedly on the Windows desktop. Messages may pop up on the screen once every few days or even once every few minutes depending on the nature of the problem. This can occur even if you are using a WiFi wireless network. How can this problem be fixed?
Answer: Several possible causes of "A Network Cable Is Unplugged" messages exist. The error message appears on a computer when an installed Ethernet adapter is seeking to make a network connection.

Try the following tips to resolve your problem:

  • Disable the Ethernet network adapter if you are not using it. This applies, for example, when running a WiFi home network with computers that have built-in Ethernet adapters. To disable the adapter, double-click the small Network Cable Unplugged error window and choose the Disable option.

  • Check both ends of the Ethernet cable connected to the adapter to ensure they are not loose.

  • Replace the Ethernet cable with a different one to verify the cable is not damaged.

  • Update the network adapter driver software from the manufacturer's Web site.

  • Change the Link Speed and Duplex settings (using Device Manager) to use "100 Mbps Full Duplex" or "10 Mbps Full Duplex" instead of Auto Detect.

  • Replace the Ethernet network adapter if it is a removable PCI or PCMCIA card. First remove and re-insert the existing adapter hardware to verify the card is connected properly. If necessary, also replace it with a different card.

  • The device your Ethernet adapter is connected to, such as a broadband modem or network router may be malfunctioning. Troubleshoot these devices as needed.

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