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Top 4 Wireless VoIP Routers / Gateways


VoIP (Voice over IP) technology supports digital residential telephone service over long-distance networks like the Internet. Hooking up telephones to VoIP usually requires a hardware adapter connected to the home Internet link. These adapters can be purchased and installed separately. However, as an alternative to maintaining yet another gadget at home, VoIP routers (also called VoIP gateways) feature built-in telephone terminal adapters in addition to their normal wireless networking functions.

1. Linksys WRTP54G

This Linksys 54 Mbps 802.11g wireless router contains two standard telephone jacks for connecting to the Vonage VoIP service. Linksys offers their 1-year limited warranty for this product.
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2. Netgear WGR826V

Netgear's WGR826V is a 54 Mbps 802.11g wireless router supporting prioritized VoIP, meaning that Internet data traffic flowing through the router is will not disrupt the quality of call servicing. The WGR826V features two phone jacks and also contains advanced firewall technology and strong WPA encryption support. Netgear designed this product specifically for use with the AT&T CallVantage VoIP service.

3. D-Link DVG-G1402S

With the DVG-G1402S, D-Link offers the same 54 Mbps 802.11g support, two telephone jacks, and prioritized VoIP "quality of service" as competitors. Unlike some other VoIP gateway products, however, the DVG-G1402S is not restricted to work with one service provider. Instead, it supports any service following the SIP VoIP gateway standard. This product can additionally be purchased as a bundle with broadband phone services like Lingo. D-Link provides its 1-year warranty for the DVG-G1402S.
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4. Draytek Vigor 2110Vn

Popular in Europe and Australia, residential VoIP router / gateway products from Draytek offer advanced firewall and 3G cellular support in addition to standard broadband connectivity. The Vigor 2110Vn supports 802.11n and one standard telephone jack, while Draytek's higher-end models support two telephone jacks for business-class WLANs.

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