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What Is the IP Address of Yahoo!?


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Question: What Is the IP Address of Yahoo!?

Reaching www.yahoo.com

Like many popular Web sites, Yahoo! utilizes multiple Internet servers to handle incoming requests to its Web site www.yahoo.com. The IP addresses that allow you to reach www.yahoo.com may depend on your physical location.

Yahoo! utilizes addresses across many different IP ranges. These are some addresses which may reach www.yahoo.com:

To identify a specific IP address for Yahoo! reachable from your network, use the traceroute command, such the following in a Windows command prompt: tracert www.yahoo.com.

Identifying Yahoo! Web Crawlers

All IP addresses in the range - belong to Yahoo! and some of these are used by Yahoo's Web robots (crawlers or spiders). Yahoo addresses that start with 216.109.117.* also tend to be used by these robots.

Acceptable Use of Yahoo! IP Adddress

If you cannot reach Yahoo! via http://www.yahoo.com/, your Internet provider may be blocking access to the site. Using an IP address based URL might bypass such restrictions. However, such a workaround may violate your host network's acceptable use policy (AUP). Check your AUP and/or contact your local network administrator to ensure visiting Yahoo! is allowed.

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