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Outdoor Video Surveillance Cameras for Home Security


Outdoor Surveillance Camera

Outdoor Surveillance Camera

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No home should be without an outdoor video surveillance camera. Outdoor surveillance cameras are easy to install and can be up and running in minutes. They come in both wired and wireless versions. Infrared capability so you can see-in-the-dark is usually only a few dollars more than the cameras without it.

Video images display on any monitor, TV, or can be run through a VCR or computer to record the images. With a home automation gateway, you can broadcast the images using your home automation system.

Watching The Kids On Camera

Want to keep an eye on the kids outside? A surveillance camera is a convenient way to do. Surveillance cameras help parents with swimming pools who want to keep tabs on the pool from inside the house, for example. Teenagers having a party in the backyard? Video surveillance can tell you whether everyone is behaving even when you’re not there.

Video Surveillance Security Scenarios

Consider these possibilities:

  • When you hear a noise in the backyard, do you go outside to investigate? This is generally a bad security move as you have to unlock the door to do it. With a video surveillance camera in the backyard you can ensure all is clear before unlocking the door.
  • Hear a crash in the garage and remember you left the garage door open? Garage theft is one of the most common forms of home burglary. A surveillance camera in the garage allows you to view the inside of your garage safely from inside your home.

Installing Home Video Surveillance

Wireless cameras require mounting the camera and hooking up the video receiver inside your home to a video monitor or TV. Wired cameras require running cable inside the home to your monitor or TV. When buying a wired camera, look for models that come with their own cable. Ensure when purchasing an outdoor surveillance camera that it is listed as weatherproof. Outdoor surveillance cameras start as low as USD$ 70.

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