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Home Monitoring Using Automation Technology

Relax on your next vacation


Do you find yourself worrying about your home while you’re on vacation? Home automation can take the worry out of your next trip. Vacations are supposed to be stress-free, so why worry about your house when you’re away?

Let Your Home Call You

Imagine having your house call you the next time a problem occurs. Home automation systems can alert you through text messages, email notifications, or even a recorded voice message when a triggered event occurs. Home automation software like iGateway or Home Automated Living (HAL), or home monitors like those manufactured by Sensaphone, allows your home to communicate with you remotely.
  • Temperature management - Have your home call you when the house gets too hot or cold. This can alert you to a problem with the HVAC system or the potential for pipes freezing. Once you realize there is a problem, you can either log in to your home thermostat remotely or call a neighbor to check on the house for you.

  • Water leaks - Using a water sensor, your home automation system can alert you in the event of a leak or a busted pipe. When a water leak occurs, early notification can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair bills.

  • Entry alerts - Using door and window sensors, you can receive notification that one of these entry points has been breached. Internal motion detectors can further confirm that someone is walking around inside the house.
Remote Video Monitoring

Remote home video surveillance allows you to make the determination whether the intruder is friend (children home from college) or foe (burglars) before calling the police. A picture is worth a thousand words.

With remote monitoring capability, you can log in into your home video surveillance cameras from a Internet-connected computer or Web-enabled phone to get a visual confirmation of what’s going on in the house while you’re away. Remotely monitoring your video cameras can provide you reassurance the babysitter is doing her job, the kids aren’t having wild parties in your absence, or that alert you received that a window opened isn’t a burglar helping themselves to your valuables.

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