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A network router joins two computer networks together. DSL and cable modem routers are often used in homes and small businesses, while other types of network routers are also used on the Internet.
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What Is a Router?
A router is a small hardware device that joins multiple networks together. Routers connect home computers and other network devices including other routers.

What Is a Broadband Router?
A broadband router combines the features of a traditional network switch, a firewall, and a DHCP server. Broadband routers are designed for convenience in setting up home networks, particularly for homes with high-speed cable modem or DSL Internet service.

Home Networking With A Router
A network router can serve as the core of a home network, simplifying how computers and other equipment can connect to each other and share the Internet. Both traditional cabled routers and wireless routers are available.

Wireless Router Ratings - Interactive Advisor
Answer a few simple questions about your home networking needs and buying preferences, and this interactive advisor will provide leads to suitable wireless routers based on your answers.

Before You Buy a Home Network Router
Before you buy a network router for your home, factor these criteria into your decision.

Can Two Routers Be Used on the Same Home Network?
Installing two routers on the same home network can be useful when building a hybrid wired and wireless network or generally expanding the existing capability.

Do You Use Two Routers on Your Home Network?
Using two routers on a home network can be a good idea for a few reasons including increased security and performance. Do you use two routers on your computer network> If so, why?

Troubleshooting Home Network Router Problems
If not working properly, routers can cause the entire home network to stop functioning. Follow these guidelines for troubleshooting problems with home network routers.

Best Ways to Reset a Home Network Router
Several different methods to reset a router exist. Depending on the kind of issue being faced, either a hard reset, power cycle, or soft reset can be the most effective.

What is the Difference Between a Router and Hub or Switch?
A router is a more sophisticated network device than either a switch or hub. Routers offer features like firewall support and DHCP server capability that hubs and switches do not. Some routers also contain built-in switches.

DD-WRT is a type of firmware for wireless broadband routers. It contains special features and optimizations designed to improve on the standard firmware that router manufacturers provide with their products.

What is an Uplink Port?
In computer networking, an uplink is a connection from a smaller local network up to a larger network. Uplink ports on broadband routers, for example, connect a home network to a modem and the Internet.

Top Wired Home Broadband Routers
These wired Ethernet broadband routers support DSL or cable modem Internet connection sharing, firewall, VPN, content filtering, and other features useful on home computer networks.

Broadband Router Gallery
Browse this photo gallery of home broadband routers to find the one that's right for you. Each page includes a summary of the router's key features.

How To Determine the IP Address of a Router
A typical home router possesses two IP addresses, one for the internal home network and one for the external Internet connection. Here are some guidelines for finding both the private and public IP addresses of home routers.

What Is a Routing Table?
Home network routers rely on a small, mostly hidden feature called the routing table to manage your Internet connection. Similar routing tables are used to manage all of the Internet's TCP/IP traffic.

Belkin N1 Wireless Router (F5D8231-4)
The N1 is a Belkin wireless router that supports the 802.11n draft N Wi-Fi standard. Introduced in 2006, this Belkin router improves on their earlier draft N wireless broadband router (the F5D8320-4).

What Is a Network Router Warranty?
Makers of network routers usually offer a manufacturer's warranty as part of the product. The terms of a router warranty vary greatly and are a key factor to consider when purchasing one.

What Is the Default IP Address of a Belkin Router?
This page lists the default IP addresses for Belkin routers. Unless changed, this address allows you to connect to the router's administrative functions, besides being the address seen by other devices on the home network.

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